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Video: Pizza-eating Georges St. Pierre talks UFC 158 victory over Nick Diaz

Immediately following his UFC 158 main event victory over Nick Diaz, reigning UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre spoke with FUEL TV correspondent Ariel Helwani about the fight.

It may not have been pretty, but Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre got the job done at UFC 158 in his home town of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, defeating Nick Diaz via lopsided decision.

It wasn't an easy fight for the champion, as "Rush" appeared to lack the cardio and explosiveness people are used to seeing from him after the second round of the five-round contest. His skills were still enough to earn him the victory, though, as the French-Canadian was the superior fighter on the feet and on the ground, leading him to his 11th straight mixed martial arts (MMA) victory.

Just moments after the fight, a hungry 31-year-old champion --pizza in hand-- appeared on the UFC 158 post-fight show on FUEL TV where he talked to Ariel Helwani about the fight, starting with Diaz's accusations that he "hits like a girl."

"I don't really know what to say. It was a tough fight; I'm kind of disappointed hearing this. I don't know - he had a really good game, hard to hit on the ground, he had an unusual style. I couldn't really get my position on him and well, and, well, if he wants to play that game, I've been - I feel kind of - no, I don't want to go that - it's okay I'm going to keep the high road and say it was a good fight."

St. Pierre did fail to connect with anything significant on the feet, but he did keep Diaz at bay with a crisp jab and never allowed himself to get put in any dangerous positions. While it may have been St. Pierre's goal to finish Diaz, putting the Stockton native away inside the distance is much easier said than done.

With the Diaz chapter of his career now in the history books, St. Pierre already has his next challenger waiting in the wings in the form of No. 1 ranked Johny Hendricks.

St. Pierre knows "Bigg Rigg" will be his next opponent, but after a mentally and physically draining camp and fight with Diaz, a break from fighting is on the forefront of the champion's mind.

"I need a vacation. I haven't had a break since I came back from my knee surgery. I wanted to take two fights because I was out for a long time. Yes, Johny Hendricks deserves [a title shot], he beat Carlos Condit, I haven't seen the fight but he earned it and I want to fight the best guy."

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