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UFC legend accuses Frank Mir and Randy Couture of throwing their fights against 'a--hole' Brock Lesnar

Color me reactionary, but I get the feeling Don Frye isn't a big Brock Lesnar fan.

"I can't even formulate the words because he just pisses me off so bad. They wasted all that time bumping him up, and they hand fed him, you know, I think that Randy Couture and Frank Mir threw the goddamn fight. I know Randy is a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever thought about being, and Frank Mir could've been the greatest fighter of all time if he didn't get in that motorcycle accident. There's no way either one of those guys could've lost to Lesnar. I've had a couple of dinners with Lesnar, had a couple of drinks with him, and I found him to be a complete asshole."

Remember when Frank Mir was beaten to a bloody pulp by Brock Lesnar at UFC 100, to the point where he could barely get to his feet after the fight was over? Yeah, he meant to do that. That's according to old-school UFC fighter (and Dana White hater) Don Frye, who accuses Mir, as well as UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture, of throwing their championship title fights to the "asshole." Lesnar has since set sail for WWE, while "The Natural" left his post for greener pastures on Spike TV. As for Mir? He's working his way back into the title hunt, starting with Daniel Cormier next month at UFC on FOX 7. Hopefully he doesn't considering throwing that fight, either.

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