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UFC on FUEL TV 10: Thiago Silva not concerned about getting cut following 'Feijao' fight in Brazil

Like Alfred E. Neuman once said: "What, me worry?"

Over the past five years, across a span of six fights, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Thiago Silva has more failed drug tests than he does wins.

The Brazilian used a "urine adulterant" for his UFC 129 dismantling of Brandon Vera and took one too many tokes of the peace pipe prior to his submission victory over Stanislav Nedkov at UFC: "Macao."

Each transgression earned him a fine and disciplinary suspension, as well as a "no contest" in place of his wins.

Fortunately for him, he was able to exploit Keith Jardine's deteriorated chin at UFC 102, or he'd be up shit's creek without a paddle. Nevertheless, Silva tells that doesn't believe his job is on the line when he takes on Rafael Cavalcante at the UFC on FUEL TV 10 event on June 8 in Brazil.

"When I heard from my manager, Alex Davis, that the fight would be against Feijao in Fortaleza, I knew it would be a neutral venue, but it will be nice to hear the crowd. I've traveled the world and there's nothing similar to the Brazilian fans. I get a shiver just thinking about it. Actually, I don't feel threatened. I haven't won in four fights, but the UFC treats me very well, despite the doping. I work very hard and put on a show, because nobody wants to see a lukewarm fight. I'll avoid making mistakes and will look for the win, as always."

Maybe Silva hasn't been following the news lately.

ZUFFA would have a difficult time explaining its decision to retain Silva -- if by chance he loses -- when its already warned its employees that massive roster cuts are to be expected. The words "blood" and "spilled" were used by UFC President Dana White.

Just ask Jon Fitch.

Well Maniacs, Silva isn't losing any sleep over the promotion's new approach to employee retention. But is he just talking tough? Or does anyone out there think an argument exists to hang on to him, even if he loses big to "Feijao" in Brazil?

Opinions, please.

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