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Video: Gina Carano won't rule out return to MMA; praises Ronda Rousey and Kerry Vera

Baby come back ... (guitar riff) ... you can blame it all on "Cyborg."

"I haven't fought in three years and right now I'm focusing on films and bringing my physicality and emotions [to the screen], that's what my focus is, so I think that if your focus is fighting, you're a fighter and that's not my focus right now. You can't say that [I'm officially done]. I wake up every morning and surprise myself, I wake up to a new me. I still train, [as recently as] two weeks ago and it felt really good because I felt free to not feel like I'm training for anything but to just train and love it again."

Former Strikeforce female fighting sensation (and Superman's girlfriend) Gina Carano, who left mixed martial arts (MMA) back in 2009 to pursue a career in Hollywood, isn't hanging up the gloves just yet. While her big screen debut in "Haywire" failed to deliver any box office beatings, Carano was quickly invited back to Tinseltown to star in "The Fast and the Furious 6," sharing screen time with WWE superstar "The Rock" and longtime franchise lead Vin Diesel. Carano actually flirted with the idea of returning to combat sports and even went so far as to book herself in a return fight against Sarah D'Alelio back in 2011; however, she was subsequently forced off the card for undisclosed medical reasons. A return to the cage at this point in her career still seems unlikely, but not out of the question. Anyone else besides Nostradumbass gagging for more Gina?

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