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UFC Quick Quote: Lyoto Machida ‘can't draw flies' and won't be granted a title shot

If he defeats Jon Jones at UFC 159, Chael Sonnen says he has zero desire to allow Lyoto Machida to challenge for the light heavyweight title because the Brazilian "can't draw flies" to his fights, especially after his lackluster split decision win over Dan Henderson at UFC 159.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

"Does Lyoto Machida deserve another title shot? Absolutely. Is he a great fighter? Absolutely. I'm in on the business; I'm in on the pay-per-view (PPV). So is Jon Jones, but neither of us want to fight him because he can't draw flies. That's the bottom line. He got booed tonight; he got booed in his last fight. I can't sellout an arena with you; I can't sell PPV's with you. I'm not giving him the shot. Alexander Gustaffson, Gegard Mousasi, step up and I'll take the winner."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight No. 1 contender Chael Sonnen served as an analyst on the UFC 157 post-fight show on FUEL TV and shared his thoughts on UFC President Dana White naming Lyoto Machida as the next challenger to the 205-pound title following his split decision victory over Dan Henderson in the co-main event at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. White said "The Dragon" is next in line to challenge the winner of Sonnen vs. Jon Jones, who face off for Jones' strap in the main event of UFC 159 on Apr. 27, 2013; however, Sonnen has taken issue with that statement, saying he has absolutely no desire to fight Machida. It's not because the Brazilian is not a talented fighter or unworthy -Sonnen says he is both those things--, but because he doesn't move the needle whatsoever when it comes to selling pay-per-views (PPV). The UFC is in the business of drawing eyeballs to the events, and while Sonnen is one of the best in sport at doing that, he claims that it is an impossible task when Machida is his dance partner. Ultimately it is up to the UFC to decide who will fight the winner of Jones vs. Sonnen, but it's hard to says the Oregon native doesn't have a point.

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