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Dana White: 'Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the one fight I have to make'

While Jon Jones is busy with Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva is negotiating with Chris Weidman, UFC President Dana White is trying to figure out how to book "Silva vs. Jones" while he still can.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, who is also undefeated in three trips up to light heavyweight, has long insisted he would never consider fighting 205-pound titleholder and fellow pound-for-pound great Jon Jones.

Unless ZUFFA was willing to give him 50 percent of the company.

One person who doesn't believe him is UFC President Dana White, who can think of several million reasons (ka-ching) why Silva will not only return to the light heavyweight division, but will do it for a fight against Jones, a bout he "has to make," according to recent comments he made on Joe Rogan's podcast (watch it here).

"Anderson Silva is so fucking fun to watch, I dread the day that dude retires. He's phenomenal, the guy is just an amazing fighter. I have to make him and fucking Jones happen, man. That's the one fight I have to make. What Anderson really talks about, he fucks with the media a lot, but he wants big fights. We're probably going to do a 10-fight deal with this guy, which is amazing. I hope it's possible. Anderson Silva is fucking unbelievable."

If he "has" to make this fight, then why is "The Spider" allowed to negotiate with Chris Weidman?

Probably because Jones is already booked to throw down against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 later this year in New Jersey and could have a couple of new contenders lined up in the next few weeks, depending on how well fighters like Dan Henderson, Lyoto Machida and Alexander Gustafsson perform in their upcoming contests.

Besides, it might interfere with his "personal greatness."

In the meantime, Silva is still flirting with the idea of a trip down to the welterweight division to battle Georges St. Pierre, if "Rush" can get past Nick Diaz in the UFC 158 main event next month in Montreal. What does all this add up to? Not much, really.

File this under "fantasy fight."

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