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‘Cowboy’ Cerrone suffers 40-foot rock climbing fall, informs Dana White ‘wild man’ days are over

UFC lightweight contender Donald Cerrone has long been known to be a free spirit and risk taker. An avid rock climber, bull rider and wakeboarder, "Cowboy" recently informed UFC President Dana White his "wild man" days are now over after walking away uninjured from a 40-foot fall during a rock climbing adventure after his safety gear failed.

Ethan Miller

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts (MMA) organization recently implemented a policy restricting fighters under contract to engage in dangerous activities prior to a fight as a precaution in order to prevent injury and avoid the potential cancellation of upcoming bouts.

While many felt the move was prohibiting fighters from dabbling in other interests and/or hobbies, one can understand the promotion's concern for the safety and health of its athletes and for wanting to protect its investment, as well.

Not too long after the new policy was put in place, lightweight contender Donald Cerrone, an avid bull rider, wakeboarder and rock climbing enthusiast, was pictured scaling a rock which UFC President Dana White, posted to his Twitter account and jokingly threatened to "kill him" for disobeying policy.

And rightfully so, seeing as how "Cowboy" was only 13 days away from facing off against Anthony Pettis at UFC on FOX 6. Thankfully, Cerrone finished his extracurricular activity unharmed and made it to Chicago to face "Showtime," losing in the very first round via knockout.

But, apparently, White's warning didn't register on "Cowboy" as the feisty lightweight, yet again, decided the thrill of rock climbing was too much to ignore. This time, however, it didn't go so smooth.

On the heels of the announcement he would face Strikeforce import K.J. Noons at UFC 160 on May 25, 2013, Cerrone sent out a tweet to White informing him he had fallen 40 feet after three of his four safety anchors blew out and proclaimed that after a "dance with death," the "wild man" was through:

Walking away unharmed, thankfully, "Cowboy" informed his fans that his risk taking days were over and he would focus only on fighting from here on out:

During a recent interview, White confirmed the accident and revealed that Cerrone told him he "thought he was going to die" and that "it really freaked him out" and "promised he was done."

Labeling Cerrone a "hardcore guy" and an "adrenaline junkie" who is "gifted in many extreme sports" and likes to "do crazy stuff," White said he wouldn't reprimand his 155-pound star; however, he did have a long talk with him about procuring his fighting career because at the end of the day, the extracurricular activities simply were not worth it.

Lesson learned.

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