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UFC Quick Quote: Dan Henderson 'not worried' about Lyoto Machida point fighting, 'definitely will put him on his back'

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Whether it's with his heavy hands or Olympic-level wrestling, Dan Henderson vows to "definitely" put Lyoto Machida on his back when the two light heavyweights collide at UFC 157 inside "The Shark Tank" in Anaheim, Calif., with a potential 205-pound title shot up for grabs.

Dan Henderson delivers some ground-and-pound on Mauricio Rua after landing a takedown
Dan Henderson delivers some ground-and-pound on Mauricio Rua after landing a takedown
Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"I'm not discounting the fact that he doesn't have power at all. He's knocked out a few guys and you gotta be careful with him, still. He's quick and some of those quick ones will ding you right on the button. It doesn't matter how much power you have, if you get hit right on the button and you're not ready that can be the end of the night. I'm aware of what his strengths are and I'm not discounting the fact that he's not the most powerful striker out there, but he is capable of knocking people out. I need to make sure I fight my fight and I won't have to worry about him outpointing me. I definitely will put him on his back. Whether it's with a take down or my fists."

-- When Dan Henderson steps inside the Octagon, he brings with him the best of both worlds as far as striking and grappling are concerend. Despite his outstanding wrestling credentials, the former Olympian is perhaps more well-known for the power that he packs in his right hand. His infamous "H-Bomb" has laid out the best of them, including Fedor Emelianenko and Michael Bisping, among others. Those important mixed martial arts (MMA) tools, as well as his unmatched competitive experience, would give any fighter supreme confidence. And for "Hendo," it gives him all the assurance he needs to know he can put Lyoto Machida on his back with either one of his specialties when the two Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight contenders collided at UFC 157 this weekend (Feb. 23, 2013). But, "Dangerous Dan" also tells MMA Interviews he will be on the defense, too, recognizing that even though "The Dragon" isn't known for his power, he can clean your clock with a perfectly-placed punch ... especially later in the fight, which is when he gets going and his opponents start fading.