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UFC Quick Quote: Gunnar Nelson has 'got to get some killer instinct'

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Dana White is impressed with Gunnar Nelson; however, he recommends that the Icelandic mixed martial artist (MMA) fight with a little more fire in his belly.

"You know what's interesting about him when you watch him fight is that he is so unorthodox. His hands are down by his waist, but yet he's fast an explosive. He hits you from these crazy angles. I like that he went three rounds tonight -- he's young guy who just got into the UFC. It's good for him to get that experience. He's got to get some killer instinct. We're not going to rush -- he's a young kid who just had his first three-rounder in the UFC. He's got plenty of time, nothing but time. Sometimes you get someone who just blows onto the scene like B.J. Penn and rips through everybody. And if you ask B.J. these days he'll probably tell you that he got the title shot too fast."

-- Gunnar Nelson made his second appearance under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) umbrella last night (Feb. 16, 2013), earning a unanimous decision over Jorge Santiago on the UFC on FUEL TV 7 main card from Wembley Arena in London, England. The undefeated (11-0-1) Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace turned in a solid, dominant performance, showing flashes of his undeniable talent throughout the 15-minute bout. He even had "Sandman" hurt at times, particularly toward the end of the third round; however, the Renzo Gracie-trained fighter could not close the deal early. On the contrary, he cooly and calmly picked his shots, refusing to get whipped up into a potentially careless exchange against his dangerous counterpart. The strategy worked, but his ho-hum demeanor, which was on full display at the UFC on FUEL TV 7 press conference (watch it here), might be an area he wants to work on moving forward, at least according to UFC President Dana White. White discussed Nelson's performance during the UFC on FUEL TV 7 post-fight media scrum (watch it here), acknowledging that the Icelander has great skills and isn't planning to rush him into the Welterweight title picture anytime soon. Unless, of course, Nelson adopts that "killer instinct" and gives him no other choice.