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Video: UFC President Dana White wraps up UFC on FUEL TV 7: ‘Barao vs. McDonald' in London

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At the conclusion of UFC on FUEL TV 7: "Barao vs. McDonald" last night (Feb. 16, 2013) in London, England, UFC President Dana White appeared on the FUEL TV post-fight show and provided his thoughts on the key storylines to come out of the event. Watch the video interview above or check out transcribed highlights below

Following UFC on FUEL TV 7: "Barao vs. McDonald" Saturday evening (Feb. 16, 2013) in London, England, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White shared his thoughts on all the major story lines to come out of the card with The Daily Telegraph and FUEL TV correspondent Gareth A. Davies on the UFC on FUEL TV 7 post-fight show on FUEL TV.

Among the issues discussed in the interview were White's thoughts on Renan Barao's victory in the main event, the co-main event bout between Cub Swanson and Dustin Poirier, James Te Huna's memorable ‘Men In Black' entrance (watch it here), Tom Watson and more.

Check out highlights of Dana White's UFC on FUEL TV 7 post-fight interview below, or check out the video embedded above.

On his overall thoughts of the show:
"The prelims were awesome. You know me, I'm more critical of the show than probably anyone - well I wouldn't say anybody but I'm pretty damn critical of the show. I always want exciting fights, and there were a couple of good exciting fights, kind of a weird night. I'll tell you what I am happy about, we broke the record here at Wembley tonight, biggest gate they've ever done here, 1.3 million dollars. Fans seemed happy when I left there, they seemed like they had a good time here tonight. So if they're happy I'm happy."

On Renan Barao's performance:
"What really impressed me about Renan Barao tonight was McDonald. McDonald came out, the kid looked great, he's got sharp hands, fast hands he hits hard and Barao took some big shots early from him and kept his composure and came back and finished the fight. I thought Barao looked like a real champ tonight."

On Michael McDonald's performance:
"I thought that McDonald came into this fight in great shape, I think that he had a great game plan, he took it to him in that first round. The only thing that I think - I always hate critiquing fighters you know after the fight but I always do it anyway, I think he should have put more pressure on Barao. I think he got hit with some of those shots, saw how athletic he wasn't as aggressive in the second and third round as he was in the first."

On Cub Swanson vs. Dustin Poirier:
"I actually loved that fight. I thought that was a great fight. Stylistically a great match up, you know, not matter where you rank those two, they're two of the best in the world and they looked it tonight. I thought that Cub Swanson fought with a lot of heart tonight. He came out strong in the beginning, had a rough second round then came back in the third round. It was an awesome fight, much credit and respect to both guys."

On James Te Huna's ‘Men In Black' entrance:
"I didn't see that coming, the Men In Black dance. If anybody James Te Huna I didn't see him doing that. You know I hate stuff like that, but it was actually pretty cool he pulled it off, it was quick, it wasn't goofy and I'll actually admit that I liked that one."

On Tom Watson's victory over Stanislav Nedkov:
"[He's] a veteran of the game and obviously a fan favorite here in England and has fought many fights here. Tonight was the fight of his life. Tonight that guy put on the absolute fight of his life, he was in the best shape I've ever seen him in and those two, I was blown away by that fight. It was an absolute war. Those two won fight of the night, they each won 50,000 dollars and Watson gets the knockout of the night, so Watson's walking out with 100,000 dollars extra than he should have tonight."

Do you agree with White's overall assessment of the UFC on FUEL TV 7 fight card? Why or why not?

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