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UFC on FUEL TV 7 results: Cub Swanson beats Dustin Poirier in 'Fight of the Night' candidate

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Cub Swanson and Dustin Poirier were expected to deliver "Fight of the Night" at UFC on FUEL TV 7: "Barao vs. McDonald" today (Feb. 16, 2013) in London, England, and that's exactly what they did.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The co-main event of the UFC on FUEL TV 7: "Barao vs. McDonald" event today (Sat., Feb. 16, 2013) at Wembley Arena in London, England, featured two of the most talented featherweights on the entire roster, as Dustin Poirier and Cub Swanson met with all sorts of divisional relevance on the line.

After all, the UFC unveiled its rankings on the television broadcast and proclaimed this was a bout between the number six and seven ranked 145-pound fighters. And with new rankings coming down the pipe within the days following this show, there was a lot at stake.

No pressure.

The two were also expected to deliver a "Fight of the Night" caliber bout and they did not disappoint. It's what happens when you mix athleticism with strength, power, motivation, and will. For every flurry of shots Poirier would unleash while rushing forward, Swanson would return fire with a few big punches of his own.

That's without mentioning the flying knees and spinning back fists that were bandied about.

Even when one of the two earned a takedown, Poirier dragging Swanson to the mat, Cub wasted no time throwing his legs up and working an omoplata to get back to his feet. He even held it once he was standing again.

Never a dull moment.

Heading into round three it was difficult to tell just who had the advantage. The fists started flying early and Poirier looked to have the edge, so Swanson executed a takedown with three minutes to go. Swanson used his positioning to take "The Diamond's" back and work for a choke. He even managed to transition into mount after a scramble before playing up to the crowd with one minute to go.

They got back up and reset only to see Swanson execute a throw for another takedown. He grabbed an arm looking for a late submission but Poirier got out and ended the fight on top bringing down bombs.

What a battle.

Swanson was ultimately the victor by scores of 29-28, 30-27, and 30-27. That's four in a row now and with each passing fight, he gets one step closer to a rematch against Jose Aldo.

Anyone want to see it?

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