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UFC on FUEL TV 7 results: James Te Huna earns comeback victory over Ryan Jimmo

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He was nearly finished in the first but James Te Huna managed a hard fought come from behind victory over Ryan Jimmo on the main card of today's (Feb. 16, 2013) UFC on FUEL TV 7: "Barao vs. McDonald" event in England. We've got a full recap right here.


Fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) may not know Ryan Jimmo, even though he's actually competed inside the Octagon before. He scored a seven second knockout of Anthony Perosh in July of last year, an impressive performance on a preliminary card that no one would fault you for blinking and missing.

James Te Huna, being the hard headed striker that he is, was quickly dubbed the perfect second opponent for Jimmo, a former MFC champion riding an 18-fight winning streak. The two met on the main card of today's (Sat., Feb. 16, 2013) UFC on FUEL TV 7: "Barao vs. McDonald" event at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Jimmo's reputation for being a boring fighter took another hit in the first round when he landed a head kick that had Te Huna reeling. Somehow, the Aussie survived the ensuing onslaught of punches and elbows on the mat as "Big Deal" rained down a series of sickening blows.

A cut was opened and Te Huna quickly turned into a leaky faucet, staining the mat with his failure. He impressed with his resolve, though, answering the call for the second round and attacking with just as much fervor as he did before his head had an extra hole in it.

Better still, he worked hard to turn the tide completely, eventually ending up in half guard and smashing Jimmo with elbows and right hands that completely turned the momentum of the fight. Te Huna closed the round in superior position with a final blow that put an exclamation point on all the work he put in to turn things around.

Jimmo, meanwhile, went back to his corner sucking as much air as possible to fuel his muscles for five more minutes.

The third and final round was one of attrition. Te Huna just kept pressing and pressuring, pushing on with power to put Jimmo flat on his back while wearing him down with both his weight and a relentless assault of punches and elbows.

Once the horn sounded, it looked clear that Te Huna had successfully completed the comeback. Inches away from being knocked out in the first to turning the tide in the second to making it official and putting a stamp on it in the third.

The scores read 29-27, 29-28, and 29-28, all in favor of Te Huna. Not too shabby.

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