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UFC Quick Quote: Michael Bisping believes Vitor Belfort fight was stopped early

Michael Bisping has broken his silence regarding his fight with Vitor Belfort last month, saying that he believes the bout was stopped early by referee Dan Miragliotta after he ate a clean head kick followed by a series of punches on the ground.

"For one I would like to call out Vitor Belfort, I mean I want to fight that guy again. I haven't said this publicly, but in my opinion the fight was stopped early, I was fine. Yes he threw a good kick, I thought I had a good first round; I won the first round where as people expected that to be the hardest part of the fight. Yes he landed a beautiful kick and all credit to him and I went down of course, but I was fine, I was covering up and I felt completely fine and after the fight I got back to my feet and I spoke in the microphone and I was completely fine, I was completely compes mentis so to speak and, yeah, so I was a little disappointed. But once the referee calls the decision that ship has sailed, you know, and being a bad loser wouldn't have done me any favors so, you know, congratulate the guy, it was the referee's decision, it wasn't Vitor's. You know, the referee stopped it not Vitor, so congratulations to Vitor."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Michael Bisping waited nearly one month to say it, but he believes his fight against Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7: "Belfort vs. Bisping" on Jan. 19, 2013, was stopped prematurely. "The Count" was floored by a big left high kick from Belfort in the second round of their 185-pound contest, and "The Phenom" followed up with a series of shots on the ground that forced referee Dan Miragliotta to stop the fight. Few, if any, concerns were raised about the stoppage and Bisping was initially humble in defeat. The Brit couldn't keep his tongue bit for too long, though, as he tells Addicted MMA that he wasn't hurt as badly as he appeared and would have liked a chance to keep fighting. Nevertheless, the fight is behind him and The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 3 winner now has his sights set on Alan Belcher, who he plans to obliterate and knock out in the first round in the co-main event of UFC 159: "Jones vs. Sonnen" on April 27, 2013, at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

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