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Bully camp: Anthony Pettis’ featherweight title shot is 'bullsh*t'

You can add Ricardo Lamas' head trainer, Mac Ramos, to the list of people who are unhappy with Anthony Pettis' featherweight title shot against Jose Aldo.

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Why so angry?

Mac Ramos, head trainer to current top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight contender, Ricardo Lamas, is not happy with the fact that Zuffa officials decided to award current No. 1 lightweight contender, Anthony Pettis, a title shot against 145-pound kingpin Jose Aldo.

It's not that Ramos doesn't think "Showtime" is a great fighter, he just feels he didn't do anything to warrant a title shot in the 145-pound weight class, unlike Frankie Edgar, who was a champion in the UFC's 155-pound division before dropping down and getting his fight against ‘Scarface" at UFC 156.

Ramos spoke to Fight Hub TV to explain his beef:

"I think Pettis is a great fighter, you know. I think it is a smart business move, he sells tickets, puts butts in the seats and that's what it's all about as a business end. But to come into a weight class he has never competed in, challenge for a title because you don't to wait in a division he has been 'okay' in - I think it's not fair and undeserved but whatever - it's bullsh*t; I can see why Dana and them did it from a business move."

Ramos seems to think UFC President Dana White isn't too fond of Lamas and explains why he feels Pettis hasn't earned a title shot at 145 pounds:

"Most definitely because Edgar had already won a championship and defended it more than once. He had the right, he earned the ability to come down and challenge Jose. To me, Anthony Pettis has not. I respect Dana White and understand the decision he made and why he made it, its business and that will sell tickets. I don't know why though he does not like Lamas."

In all fairness, there was never a guarantee "The Bully" would earn a a crack at Aldo's throne with a victory over Erik Koch at UFC on FOX 6.

But, then again, you can also see why Team Lamas doesn't approve of the decision to award a title fight to a true 155-pound fighter, Pettis, over a person who has now won four straight in the featherweight division like Lamas.

It's not the first time the UFC has awarded immediate title shots to fighters moving up and down in weight classes, and it probably won't be the last.

But is it "bullshit?"

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