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UFC Quick Quote: Shooting a text message to Dana White won't get you a title shot

While popular belief is that Anthony Pettis received his shot at challenging for the UFC featherweight title after sending a request via text message to Dana White, the company president says that wasn't all that went into the decision when booking the 145-pound championship fight between Pettis and Jose Aldo.


"Just to put this into context, text messages don't get you title fights, okay. What happened was, he's in line for the 155-pound title. This other fight is going to happen with Melendez and Henderson. There has been all this talk about this kid, first of all, he comes off an incredible performance over 'Cowboy' Cerrone on FOX and he knows he's gotta wait for this title shot and to give him the 145-pound title shot when you know he's gonna get the 55-pound title shot and he doesn't have to cut weight to make 55 was a no-brainer. So there is going to be circumstances, where, plus, the kid has been waiting for a long time too, Pettis has been. So, it's just not as easy as shooting a text message and you're going to get a title shot."

All you Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters can go ahead and put your Blackberries and iPhones down and cancel out those text messages, because they won't be getting you a title shot anytime soon. According to company president Dana White, getting a crack at the gold isn't as easy as shooting him a simple text. While many believe it worked for Anthony Pettis after "Showtime" was given a shot at the promotion's featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo three days after sending a request to White for the fight via text message, the Las Vegas fight boss revealed at today's (Feb. 13, 2013) UFC on Fuel TV 7: "Barao vs. MacDonald" press conference that wasn't the case. According to White's explanation, the fight was given to Pettis because it was a 'no-brainer' after his impressive win over Donald Cerrone at UFC on FOX 6 and because "Showtime" has been waiting for his shot at a UFC title for quite some time. While the timing of the announcement can be chalked up to sheer coincidence, White assures people texts are not the key to earning a shot, though "Showtime's" initiative undoubtedly proved to be a contributing factor.

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