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UFC Fight Night 33 recap: What's Next for Mark Hunt & Antonio Silva?

After one of the best fights ever to be contested at heavyweight, and surely the top candidate for "fight of the year," Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva fought to a majority draw in Brisbane, Australia, last Friday night (Dec. 6, 2013) at UFC Fight Night 33. What’s next for these main event stars, and will they meeting again as soon as possible?

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A rematch ... right?!

That has to be the best case scenario for both Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva, who fought to a majority draw in quite possibly the best fight of the year, and took part in the most exciting heavyweight fight in recent memory by engaging in a slugfest for five rounds (watch video highlights here).

Both Hunt and "Bigfoot" had their bright moments, with the Brazilian dropping "The Super Samoan" in the first round, and Hunt returning the favor shortly after.

Takedowns ensued later on, and then it became utterly chaotic, with both heavyweights throwing bombs -- some strategically placed, some to no avail -- and bloodied each other during the course of the later rounds.

It was a no brainer that Hunt and "Bigfoot" won "Fight of The Night" honors for their efforts.

Instead of talking about who won which round, and who deserved to win by doing the most damage, etc., the decision for this fight to be declared a draw was not problematic whatsoever with most of the MMA observers weighing in.

A rematch makes the most sense, even though both fighters sustained an enormous amount of damage, absorbing a boatload of punches as the fight progressed. It seems inevitable for both heavyweights, and after an indecisive war like the one we had last night, it is the only option that makes sense. It would be foolish to book Hunt or Silva in other fights with anyone else in the division, because there is unfinished business between "The Super Samoan" and "Bigfoot."

There would be no point in having Hunt or Silva fight anyone else, because last night did not give us a clear indication of who should escalate in the division. Both men had bright moments. You could argue "Bigfoot" won three out of five rounds, yet you could also say Hunt stole the fight in the latter half of the spectacular war.

Why speculate? The draw was a fair ruling, and all the more reason for them to meet again.

It would be difficult to predict this fight going any other way than it did last night in a potential rematch. Chances are, we can expect the exact same thing, including few surprises, like Hunt being able to take down the giant and "Bigfoot" dropping Hunt early on in the fight.

What exactly could be different the second time around?

The most important thing would be for one of the heavyweights to improve in either cardio for the later rounds, or examining tape to see where they could have capitalized on openings. Of course, that is easier said than done, yet both these combatants have a similar style when it comes to the striking department, and that is to trade until someone drops. We saw that last night, and neither fighter was able to finish off the other. That is something we can look forward to in the futures of both Hunt and Silva.

The potential rematch is important for both. If there is a clear-cut winner in their second fight, that would also propel the winner into being a contender again, since it shows the grueling and difficult task the winner had to get through in order to look ahead into the horizon with the championship on their minds.

Is that an overzealous statement?


Yet if either Hunt or Silva could have a dominant and somewhat spectacular performance in the second fight, the victor would be deserving of another top opponent in the division, one that could get them closer to a title fight, at that.

We could also analyze all we want, but the truth is, there is nothing else we would like more for either heavyweight to step inside the Octagon with one another again, potentially making history for the second time and treating us to a fight that could be as exciting as the first.

Anyone disagree?

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