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WSOF 7 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Karakhanyan vs. Palmer' on Dec. 7 in Canada

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) returns to NBC Sports Network with WSOF: "Karakhanyan vs. Palmer" from PNE Agrodome in Vacouver, Canada. Get complete, official results, live updates and real-time coverage RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!


World Series of Fighting (WSOF) visits the "Great White North" this evening (Nov. 7, 2013) to give the Canadian mixed martial arts (MMA) fans a night of fights at the PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The card is built around a featherweight title fight featuring two of the best fighters on the promotion's roster. Georgi Karakhanyan looks to best Lance Palmer to become the first WSOF featherweight champion.

The co-main event between Jesse Taylor and Elvis Mutapcic is a rescheduled bout from WSOF 5. The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB) cancelled the bout after a state inspector witnessed Mutapcic taking unapproved medication before the fight in the locker room.

Oh and the legendary Kalib Starnes is fighting.

The night kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET with the "Prelims" under card that will be streaming here on Once those fights conclude, switch your televisions over to NBC Sports at 9 p.m. for the televised main card.

Matthew Roth will be providing the coverage this evening.

World Series of Fighting 7 quick results:

Note: Due to a last minute switch, this is Steve Borchardt manning the controls here, not Matthew Roth.

Main Card on NBC Sports Network
WSOF Featherweight Championship: Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Lance Palmer: Karakhanyan defeats Palmer via rear naked choke submission at 4:40 of the third round
WSOF Middleweight Tournament Semifinal: Elvis Mutapcic vs. Jesse Taylor: Taylor defeats Mutapcic via unanimous decision (30-27) (30-27) (30-27)
Sabah Fadai vs. Nick Newell: Newell defeats Fadai via guillotine choke submission at 1:21 of the first round
Dwayne Lewis vs. Kalib Starnes: Starnes defeats Lewis via KO at 1:02 of the second round

Preliminary Card on
Michael Hill vs. Richard Arsenault: Hill defeats Arsenault via doctor's stoppage at 1:29 of the second round
Matt Baker vs. David Perron: Perron defeats Baker via triangle choke submission at 1:46 of the first round
Shawn Albrecht vs. Gabriel Solorio: Solorio defeats Albrecht via unanimous decision (29-28) (29-28) (29-28)
Dan Ring vs. Myles Merola: Merola defeats Ring via unanimous decision (29-27) (29-27) (29-27)
Micah Brakefield vs. Brendan Kornberger: Kornberger defeats Brakefield via corner stoppage at 2:45 of the second round

World Series of Fighting 7 Main Card Play-By-Play Results:

Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Lance Palmer

Round 1: This dude's "Somebody make some nooooise" catch phrase is so bush league it's unreal. Almost as bad as Bas' penchant for making bizarre noises at inappropriate times. Georgi throws a headkick that misses. Palmer throws a leg kick. Another high kick attempt from Georgi is blocked. Palmer comes forward and throws a right hand. Kick to midsection lands for Palmer. Spinning kick from Georgi, who follows up with a right. Palmer shoots but Georgi stuffs it with ease. Georgie throws and overhand right. Palmer accidentally pokes Georgi in the eye with an open hand. Georgi's eye is bleeding. The doctor says it's OK and they will fight on. Palmer throws a high kick. Georgio throws a head kick of his own.


Round 2: Georgi forward with punches early. Palmer eats a poke to the eye now. Referee calls Georgi "bro" while admonishing him. They trade low kicks. Palmer gets a takedown, but Georgi goes for an armbar. Palmer on top now. Palmer in guard and Georgi throws his legs up searchign for subs. Georgi goes for a heel hook and Palmer gets up. Georgie throws another high kick that gets checked. Georgi lands a right hook. Palmer gets another takedown. Palmer not doing much with it. he attempts to pass but nothing doing.

(Palmer 10-9)

Round 3: Georgi moving forward throwing kicks. Palmer throws a kick of his own. Palmer goes for another takedown but doesn't get it. Georgi throws a leg kick. And another. Georgi taken down and Palmer has his back. Palmer searching for the rear naked. Georgi puts him in a guillotine with like 20 seconds left on the clock and gets the tap.

Final Result: Karakhanyan defeats Palmer via rear naked choke submission at 4:40 of the third round


Elvis Mutapcic vs. Jesse Taylor

Round 1: Taylor goes for a takedown early and gets it. Taylor has Elvis' back now. Taylor peppering him with punches to the head and searching for a rear naked choke. He's in half guard now and throwing punches to Elvis' face. Elvis gets him back to full guard but "JT Money" throwing ground and pound punches. Elvis is bleeding now over the eyes thanks to some elbows from Taylor. Taylor goes for a guillotine and rolls to his back, but Elvis gets out and ends up on top. Elvis has Taylor's back, going for a rear naked, but JT Money reverses and ends up back on top throwing elbows and punches.

(Taylor 10-9)

Round 2: Taylor shoots early but Elvis goes for a guillotine. It doesn't matter, as Taylor ends up in half guard throwing elbows and punches again. JT Money goes for another guillotine attempt. He doesn't get it, but moves to side control. Punches land from Taylor. Taylor in Elvis' guard landing more ground and pound strikes. Ref stands 'em up at 2:00. Elvis comes out swinging. Taylor slips to the mat and Elvis is in full mount. Taylor just powers out and ends up on top. More elbows from Taylor. Elvis bleeding again.

(Taylor 10-9)

Round 3: JT gets another takedown. In half guard now. Can I just cut and past the past two rounds' text in here now? More elbows land for Taylor. Elvis trying to use his hips to reverse Taylor, gets out after a huge effort, then Taylor takes him down and ends up in side control. Elvis goes for a heel hook but Taylor is on his back and ends up back in half guard reigning down punches. More elbows from Taylor. Dull fight.

(Taylor 10-9)

Final Result: Taylor defeats Mutapcic via unanimous decision (30-27) (30-27) (30-27)


Sabah Fadai vs. Nick Newell

Round 1: Fadai fights out of Chilliwack, Canada. Anyone else remember that band? Newell from Milford. CT. Am I the only one who hears "Milford" and imagines an entire city of cougars? Newall throws a leg kick. Newall throws a punch. Left kick from Newall finds its mark. Fadai lands a right hand. Newall going for a single leg takedown. Gets it, but Fadai is back to his feet. He ends up getting guillotined for his trouble. Newell forces him to tap and it's all over.

Final Result: Newell defeats Fadai via guillotine choke submission at 1:21 of the first round


Dwayne Lewis vs. Kalib Starnes

Round 1: Lewis' nickname is "D-Bomb." Not sure why I find that so funny. WSOF graphic advises him to, and I quote, "Stay in the pocker." Professional as fuck there. Starnes has grown a swashbucker's beard. Be hilarious if one of his keys to victory read "Don't run!" but alas, it didn't. Starnes throws a low kick. Another from Starnes. D-Bomb attempts a head kick but misses. Another headkick attempt from D-Bomb is checked. Lewis charges in with a quick flurry. Starnes for a clinch but Lewis reverses. They trade low kicks. Lewis throws a right hand. Starnes forward with a flurry now. Starnes has him backed against the cage throwing shots now. Lewis lands a kick to the midsection and Starnes clinches. Overhand right from K-Bomb lands. Starnes has him backed up again peppering him with shots. Body shot lands from Lewis.

(Starnes 10-9)

Round 2: More leg kick trading early. K Bomb throws a shot to the body. K-Bomb with another kick to the body. Starnes throws two big left elbows to K-Bomb's temple, and he crashes down the mat. That's it, Lewis is done.

Final Result: Starnes defeats Lewis via KO at 1:02 of the second round


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