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UFC Fight Night 33 results: Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva goes to a draw

Holy shit.

The main event of tonight's (Fri., Dec. 6, 2013) UFC Fight Night 33: "Hunt vs. Bigfoot" event on Fox Sports 1 from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia, featured Mark Hunt returning home to sling leather with Antonio Silva in what promised to be an incredibly fun heavyweight showcase.

That's exactly what it was.

The two big bangers met in the center of the cage and did what everyone hoped they would: put their hands up, chin down, and let 'em fly.

Silva scored first with a big shot that knocked Hunt to the floor. He recovered quickly, though, and made it out of the end of the first round without having taken so much damage that he would be ineffective going forward.

That was proven when he kicked off the second stanza by throwing bombs, though "Bigfoot" was countering the best way possible with hard lead leg kicks. Seeing as this bout was signed for five rounds, both men slowed down a bit and played the patience game.

Time to pick spots.

"The Super Samoan" scored with a few strong right hands down the pipe but "Pezao's" chin held up just fine. The Brazilian responded with a big knee.

Hunt opened the third round with a takedown. He didn't get much done from there, but he did score a second one. It was a few minutes later that he got his, blasting Silva with a hard right hand that sounded like a gun shot and sent "Bigfoot" crashing down to the mat. The finish never came, but it was close.

It didn't appear that way to start the fourth. Silva came out firing away with kicks and punches, far more aggressive than one would think a nearly knocked out man could possibly be. Yet here he was, throwing with everything he had. When the striking failed, he went to grapple. When that failed, he found himself taken down with Hunt earning points on top.

Then, shit just got crazy.

Both men were so fatigued, so absolutely gassed and out of breath, that punches came in slo-motion. It looked like both could fall out at any moment and both nearly did. Then, Hunt went for a trip takedown but failed and "Bigfoot" found himself on top. He managed to transition to full mount with a full minute left in the round.

He mustered up the energy to unleash a barrage of blows that found their mark and opened a gash on Hunt's forehead. He was bleeding like a stuck pig but Silva collapsed from exhaustion on top of him and "The Super Samoan" managed to get out of the round.

Good thing, too, because he came out guns blazing in the fifth and final frame. I have no idea where the energy came from but Hunt was landing huge shots and opening Silva up even worse than he already was. Both fighters were wearing crimson masks, both standing through some sheer force of will and determination mere mortals like you and I could never understand.

This was batshit insanity at its best.

By the time it was over, they were both basically just hugging against the cage, trying to catch their breath.

When the final horn sounded, the arena exploded in glee and gave Hunt and Silva a standing ovation. No one anywhere knew how to score it because everyone was just having too much fun with it.

The judges scorecards: 48-47 Hunt, 47-47, and 47-47. A majority draw!

If there was ever a fight that deserved no loser, this was it.

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