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Hunt vs. Bigfoot full fight results for UFC Fight Night 33 'Prelims' on Facebook/FOX Sports 2

UFC Fight Night 33: Complete recap of tonight’s (Dec. 6, 2013) Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva-led undercard “Prelims” mixed martial arts (MMA) action that featured five bouts across four weight classes, airing live on FOX Sports 2 and online via Facebook. Who won? Who lost? Who got KTFO and submitted? Get complete UFC Fight Night 33 “Prelims” results recap below.

Photo by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Before UFC Fight Night 33: "Hunt vs. Silva" main card kicked off on pay-per-view (PPV) tonight (Fri., Dec. 6, 2013) from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia, an entire five-bout "Prelims" undercard was broadcast on Facebook and FOX Sports 2, respectively.

This installment of the "Prelims" featured some familiar names in action, among UFC debutants securing their first Octagon win.

Takeya Mizugaki showcased his well-rounded skill set by defeating Nam Phan, which could be an early candidate for "Fight of The Night."

Phan was looking quick in his bantamweight debut, not shy to stand toe-to-toe with Mizugaki, who was throwing heavy leather, catching Phan with left hooks and took him down shortly after. As Phan got back to his feet, Mizugaki landed a number of hard right hands with him against the cage. Mizugaki landed another takedown, but Phan worked his way back to the feet and more punches from both ensued -- with Mizugaki wearing down Phan's liver.

In the second round, Phan looked much better with his boxing, until Mizugaki landed a monstrous left hand, and absorbed more combinations and body shots against the fence as Phan successfully survived. Mizugaki was mixing up his strikes amazingly, going to the body often. Mizugaki landed another double leg takedown, although Phan got up immediately.

Starting to find his range at the end of the round, Phan landed a few good punches.

Mizugaki continued to attack his opponent in the third round, yet Phan started to bounce back and found his range -- clocking Mizugaki a few times with his right hand. Phan clocked Mizugaki with a big right hand, and Mizugaki went straight for the takedown. Trying to move forward after being rocked, Phan started to pour it on with combinations. Mizugaki then stunned Phan, and both started to land big shots in the later stages in the round.

Middleweight action on the "Prelims" saw Caio Magalhaes edge Nick Ring by unanimous decision in a fight that could have been more exciting.

Ring had his hands down low to open the first round, with "Hellboy" just missing with a right hook. After the fight was momentarily stopped due to an eye poke on Ring's part, Magalhaes landed a right and a knee, welting the right eye of Ring.

Ring and Magalhaes clinched against the fence, and Ring threw a bunch of knees and elbows in the Thai clinch. Ring took down his opponent, and worked from top position -- escaping a heel hook in the process.

With his hands low again in the second round, Ring ate a counter shot from Magalhaes as he was moving forward in attack, and stuffed a takedown shortly after. With Ring working from the crucifix position, Magalhaes somehow stormed out and reversed positions on Ring, ending up in his guard and constantly working by throwing punches.

Ring continued to throw his jab, staying out of Magalhaes range as the Brazilian was looking for the right hand. Magalhaes did rock Ring with a nice combination, and the exhausted Canadian fell to his guard with Magalhaes following. After a questionable stand-up from the referee, Magalhaes worked for a guillotine choke and Ring was unable to get back to his feet, trying to work for a single leg.

After another brutal stand-up from Cameron Quinn, "Hellboy" went right back to the same position as Ring hung on to his leg.

American Top Team's 21-year old Justin Scoggins lived up to expectations as one to watch in 2014, stopping Richie Vaculik on enemy territory in the first round.

Scoggins opened with a quick kicking game, using a karate stance and landed a nice uppercut on Vaculik. Scoggins backed his opponent up with striking and then took him down, working from the guard. As Vaculik got back to his feet, Scoggins dropped him with a right hand and ended up in his opponent's guard, trying to finish him off. Taking the back of Vaculik, Scoggins pummeled Vaculik on the ground until the referee stepped in.

Vaculik did protest, and although he was never out, he ate a lot of shots to the temples and could not defend himself accordingly.

A battle between UFC debutants with 13-0 records kicked off the "Prelims" on FOX Sports 2, with Krzysztof Jotko getting the nod over Bruno Santos in an uneventful fight.

Fighting out of the southpaw stance, Jotko avoided Santos' for a little while before they exchanged leg kicks. Jotko landed a short right hand, and grazed his opponent with a head kick. Jotko took down Santos, and wound up in half guard. The crowd began to boo since they were seeing an incredibly slow fight with plenty of "wall and stall."

Santos was cutting off the cage again in the second round, keeping Jotko with his back against the fence. After the two exchanged positions against the cage, Santos tried to break free from underneath and Jotko caught him with a left hook, dropping him at the end of the round.

In the third round, Santos scored a huge double leg takedown and began to work from the guard. Santos had his opponent in trouble, almost securing a rear naked choke, but Jotko reversed position and ended up on top of Santos -- throwing down elbows. From the bottom, Santos tried to submit his opponent with an arm triangle, although Jotko was having none of it.

In the night's opening contest on Facebook, the first fighter from the Dominican Republic to compete in the UFC proved why he is called "The Dominican Nightmare," as Alex Garcia knocked out Ben Wall in less than a minute.

Wall lunged forward and Garcia caught him with a stiff straight, and nailed him with two right uppercuts. Garcia was establishing his combinations, and kept it on the feet while Wall tried to take him down a few times. Garcia caught Wall with a devastating right uppercut, followed by a left hand to seal the deal -- even though it was unnecessary.

Here are the entire UFC Fight Night 33 "Prelims" results:

145 lbs.: Takeya Mizugaki vs. Nam Phan -- Mizugaki wins by unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-28)
185 lbs.: Caio Magalhaes vs. Nick Ring --
Magalhaes wins by unanimous decision (29-28x3)
125 lbs.: Justin Scoggins vs. Richie Vaculik --
Scoggins wins by TKO (punches), at 4:43 of round one.
185 lbs.: Krzysztof Jotko vs. Bruno Santos --
Jotko wins by unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)
170 lbs.: Alex Garcia vs. Ben Wall --
Garcia wins by KO (punches), at 0:43 of round one. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 33 fight card TONIGHT -- RIGHT NOW -- on FOX Sports 1 with the televised main card bouts beginning at 9 p.m. ET.