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Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate fight results UFC 168, Round 1

The two rushed to the center and started wildly exchanging punches. No one got the better of it before a clinch led to a takedown that didn't last long at all. Rousey had Tate pushed up against the fence unloading punches while looking for her chance to get the fight down to the floor.

Then, she separated and threw a front kick.


Shortly after, Tate threw a quick that Ronda caught and took her down on. She didn't follow her down, instead throwing blows from the top. Surprisingly, "Cupcake" earned a takedown of her own and ended up in Rousey's guard.

There, "Rowdy" worked for a submission, namely a triangle. She got there, too, but Tate gotout and they went back to standing.

It was there that things got crazy again, both fighters swinging for the fences. Tate landed some big shots, but Rousey took the best of them before scoring another takedown and getting into full mount. She rolled over for the back, then the arm, then Tate reversed on top.

They went back to standing, but there were few punches this time. Instead, Rousey executed a huge judo throw. She couldn't get anything with it, though, and let Tate back up.

This is nuts.

Tate survived and Rousey would go to the second round for the first time in her career.

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