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Agon Wrestling Championships 2 live stream and discussion thread

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Agon WC presents it second MMA style wrestling event. MMA Mania is here with a live discussion thread.

Today (December 22, 2013) live from Perani Arena in Flint, Michigan, Agon Wrestling Championships presents its second MMA style wrestling event.

Agon has quickly become the home for some of the best freestyle wrestlers in the United States and today's event features a main event between Brent Metcalf and Chris Bono. The rule set essentially is a watered down version of what is typically displayed in NCAA events. This allows for the action to be easily followed by casual fans that tune in for the first time.

Today we should be able to see four fantastic matches between some of the very best wrestlers.

Official Card:

Max Askren vs. Sam Wendland

Andy Simmons vs. Kellen Russell

Ben Bennet vs. Cam Simaz

Brent Metcalf vs. Chris Bono

The stream should go up at 1:30 pm, and wrestling should begin at 2.

You can watch Agon Wrestling Championships II: Homefront at for free.