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Surprise! Demetrious Johnson not expecting first-round knockout against Joseph Benavidez at UFC on FOX 9

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Demetrious Johnson admitted earlier this week that despite his training regimen, he did not expect to knock out Joseph Benavidez in devastating fashion -- and that it would take just over two minutes -- in the flyweight championship main event in Sacramento, California, last weekend at UFC on FOX 9.

Photo by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

It was a spectacular night for Demetrious Johnson last weekend at UFC on FOX 9, as he successfully defended his 125-pound title against Joseph Benavidez in the main event, knocking out "Joe Jitsu" in just over two minutes with a devastating right hand to retain his UFC flyweight championship.

It was Johnson's third successful title defense in 2013 and made history by earning the fastest knockout in the division's short history,

Johnson, however, told The MMA Hour it was a finish he was not expecting:

"Honestly, no. I plan on going in there and I always put myself in the mindset that's it's going to be a war and it's probably going five rounds -- or it could end in the first round. I always go in there and see what he's going to do and what he's trying to execute in the Octagon and I try to capitalize on it."

Johnson explained where he saw the opening on Benavidez and credits his coaches at AMC Pankration, which includes Matt Hume, for the fight-winning punch:

"One of the things we work really well on is trying to adjust on the fly. When I train with my coaches, they always say this is a game -- you have to figure out what kind of game this person is playing. If one person is not reacting very well, or not try to bite on my faints, then something's going to be open."

It was Johnson's first knockout since early 2010.

As for who is next, Johnson knows just as much as we do.

"I'm not sure. My job is to spend time with my family and relax, and keep on getting better at the gym. That's up to the UFC."

Any suggestions?