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Video: Frankie Edgar vs. Phillipe Nover wrestling match from 'Grapple at the Garden' in New York City

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"It's the Garden, man, how can you say no to this?"--Frankie Edgar

In news that will surprise no one, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight titleholder Frankie Edgar steamrolled former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 8 runner-up Phillipe Nover in their freestyle wrestling match in the "Grapple at the Garden" co-main event, which took place yesterday (Dec. 1, 2013) from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

See how that pairing first came together here.

Edgar, who will next be seen as head coach opposite B.J. Penn on the next domestic version of TUF (details), is an assistant mat coach at Rutgers University and a standout wrestler from Toms River High School East, where he advanced to the New Jersey state championship tournament on three occasions.

Nover is best know for eating dead ducks.

That's probably why he had no "Answer" for Edgar, in a show that also featured Bellator big shot and Greco-Roman world champion Joe Warren pinning Mike Torriero while NCAA Division-I national champion Bubba Jenkins outlasted Frank Molinaro in overtime.

Edgar reflects on his win.

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