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'I'm cool:' Bigfoot Silva responds to failed drug test, blames 'UFC doctor' for TRT overdose

Word broke just moments ago (Tues., Dec. 17, 2013) that Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva failed his drug test following his "Fight of the Year" candidate match against Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 33 in Australia. Silva has released a brief statement, blaming his doctor for the positive test.

Esther Lin for Combat Lifestyle

Worst. Advice. Ever.

Antonio Silva wasted little time responding to his failed drug test in the wake of UFC Fight Night 33, issuing a statement via that essentially foisted blame on his doctor, Marcio Tannure, who was charged with administering -- and monitoring -- the testosterone that he is required to take to compensate for a medical issue.

"Bigfoot" deflects:

"Clarification: Months before my fight I looked for the UFC doctor Marcio Tannure in Brazil so I could start the hormonal replacement "TRT" which was authorized and recognized by a professional. I started the treatment and 2 weeks before my fight I did all the exams required by the UFC. My testosterone level continued to be low so I was recommended by the doctor to increase the dosage. Unfortunately my level increased too much and caused me to suspend. I only did what was recommended by someone trained who understands about the subject therefore it was not my mistake. I'm cool because I know that the mistake was not made by me, I never tried doing anything wrong for my fight."

At least Silva seems comforted knowing that it wasn't exactly his fault. However, that will come as small consolation for the Heavyweight bruiser, who will be forced to serve a nine-month suspension and forfeit his $50,000 "Fight of the Night" bonus to Mark Hunt, his game opponent in the main event back on Dec. 6, 2013, in Brisbane, Australia.

It should be noted that Tannure is the medical director of the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Commission's (CABMMA) and, according to Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) reporter Guilherme Cruz, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters always refer to him as a "UFC doctor."

Indeed, he takes care of most of Brazil's UFC fighters, and was also responsible for authorizing the TRT therapy for Vitor Belfort.

Nonetheless, this is truly a downer for someone who had one of the best years of his career in 2013. Enjoying a career resurgence after going 1.5 years between wins before knocking out Travis Browne, "Bigfoot" opened 2013 up on a high note, delivering a brutal knockout to Alistair Overeem, one of the early highlights of the year and one that won Silva many fans.

"Bigfoot" then challenged for the UFC heavyweight strap, and while he was pounded out by the dominant champion, Cain Velasquez, Silva bounced back to participate in what many have called the greatest UFC heavyweight fight in the history of the company. Regardless of how one feels about the legitimacy of this suspension, that fight will be forever tarred because of it.

This is why we can't have nice things!

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