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Dana White confident Georges St-Pierre will return after 'one or two' UFC welterweight title fights

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Wishful thinking or a "Rush" to judgement ... or both?

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During an impromptu conference call last week, Georges St-Pierre made the official decision to take a break from mixed martial arts (MMA) and vacate his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight title to take care of some personal problems that have been troubling him.

Refusing to use the word "retire," St-Pierre claimed that when he felt like the time was right, he would ultimately return to his old stomping grounds, this time as the challenger for the 170-pound strap he's had in his possession for the last six years.

Watch him break it down in this video from ESPN:

While no one -- "GSP" included -- knows when exactly he could make his return to the Octagon, UFC President Dana White offered up his prediction as to when the long-time Welterweight division ruler might reappear inside the eight-walled cage.

His words to Fox Sports:

"He didn't walk away. He's still going to come back, you know what I mean? He didn't retire. He's got some things to handle. He did the classy thing. He vacated the title and let other guys who have been working their whole lives; I think everyone has to remember that moment when Georges St-Pierre dropped down to his knees and said, 'Please UFC, give me shot at that belt, I want it so bad,' that's how bad everybody else wants a shot at that belt. He was out for over a year with ACL surgery and he did the right thing by vacating the title and stepping aside. He's going to be gone for a while, he's going to get things together and somebody will win that belt, defend it one or two times and then Georges St-Pierre will be back. So, no, I'm not surprised (GSP took a break), he did the right thing and it's exciting."

A few moments after St-Pierre made his announcement, White made the one of his own, revealing that Johny Hendricks would face Robbie Lawler for the vacant 170-pound title in the main event of UFC 171 on March 15, 2013, in Dallas Texas.

So, by White's prediction, if the winner of that Texas-sized title fight defends his newly-won belt sometime in the summer, the third division championship fight -- which would likely go to St-Pierre as the challenger -- could go down in early 2015.

Of course, those are just early guesses and estimations ... or just plain old wishful thinking on the part of White.