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Georges St. Pierre media conference call LIVE updates from UFC press conference announcement in Quebec City

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UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre is scheduled to partake in an autograph session in a Quebec City shopping mall later this afternoon, and has agreed to answer a few questions from the media in a last-minute press conference. is on the scene providing live coverage of the event -- as well as his preceding media conference call -- right here, for whatever St. Pierre's announcement may be.

Photo by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre will partake in a special media conference call TODAY (Fri., Dec. 13, 2013) at 2:20 p.m. ET from Quebec City, Canada.

"Rush" -- who will be on the scene at a local shopping mall signing autographs -- is expected to set aside a few minutes to field questions from the mixed martial arts (MMA) media, including your friends right here at, who will be on the scene to get the 411.

Which explains why UFC was in such a hurry to get out in front of St. Pierre's announcement.

Either way, will provide LIVE coverage and real-time updates of both St. Pierre's live appearance, as well as his media conference call, right here at 2:20 p.m. ET sharp, so make sure you put your life on hold and tune in for what could be a retirement speech.

Or a simple "I'll be back in a few weeks."

No one is quite sure what to expect after his UFC 167 win over Johny Hendricks last month in Las Vegas, Nevada, after the champ narrowly edged out "Bigg Rigg" to retain his crown. Controversial or not, St. Pierre's post-fight interview with Joe Rogan saw the French Canadian flirt with retirement -- a sentiment that was widely speculated before the fight.

After Dana White's overreaction at the post-fight press conference, pundits were quick to jump on the many rumors as to why "Rush" would be taking time off and if he is indeed walking away from the sport. GSP had previously agreed to partake in an autograph session at the Galerie de la Capitale, a shopping mall in Quebec City, Canada, and decided to answer a few questions for the media regarding his future plans.

Then lo and behold, UFC had to crash the party and announce a last-minute conference call with the talent 30 minutes before his appearance in Quebec City.

The countdown has begun.

So get comfortable, refresh the page, and stay with us for all the important news that will be coming to you live from the province's capital (and over the phone) beginning at 2:20 p.m. ET.

In the meantime, start speculating!

Matt Roth here with live updates! There is no wifi at the mall so Alex will be provide coverage afterwards. If only the mall was already open!

  • Georges St-Pierre talked to Dana and Lorenzo, has 22 fights in the UFC. Has been fighting for a long time at a high level. There's been pressure and criticism. He's decided he needs to take time off and will be vacating his title. He'll come back one day maybe.
  • He's been contemplating this decision from before UFC 167. He carries a lot of weight on his shoulders and it's just too heavy to bare. He needs to reset mentally. He's okay physically, but he can't handle the mental aspect.
  • Dana says he spoke with GSP. Said there were personal issues going on. Says if you aren't 100% mentally and physically into it, you should sit out. Says it was the right move.
  • GSP says it's not about the recent damage he's taken in fights. It's about his mental equilibrium. He needs a normal life for a little bit.
  • GSP says he'll still be training and improving. He just wants to live a normal life. He'll be at TriStar helping people train. He just won't have the pressure of competing. When he trains, he's completely obsessed about it. He thinks about fighting constantly. He wants to not have to deal with the obsession.
  • GSP believes that he'll return to fighting one day. He doesn't know how long it will be. He just needs a break and doesn't want to make anyone wait for his return.
  • GSP loves the sport and he's never been a victim. He chose to be a fighter and now he's choosing to not do it. He's allowed to not do it anymore. This has been building over a few years and a lot of it has to do with the promotion that goes along with title fights. Says it's insane the amount of pressure he feels from fans and media and the UFC.
  • GSP says he can't give a date because it'll put it back into the pressure situation. He knows he'll be returning, he just can't say when. He knows people want to fight him because of the money but he needs a break.
  • GSP wants to keep his personal life personal.
  • If he decides to return, he's going to talk with Dana and Lorenzo. If it means fighting for a title shot, he's okay with it. If it's an immediate title shot, he's okay with that as well. He just wants to return at the top of his game.
  • GSP says that he's content with what he's done in the cage. He wanted to do things that will be remembered in the sport. Says he tried his best.
  • Dana says it's the right move for GSP. March 15th in Dallas, Johny Hendricks will fight Robbie Lawler for the vacant UFC Welterweight title.
  • Dana says that GSP's always been a complete professional. Says it's not a huge deal for the organization at the end of the day. Respects GSP for not holding the division up.
  • Dana says Georges has been with the organization for a very long time and his legacy is that he's the greatest welterweight ever. As far as fighters who have dealt with the promotion, Georges is one of the best.
  • Dana says Georges is the standard with everything. Even with all of his problems, Georges is still a professional.
  • Dana says the camp before the Hendricks fight was when Georges made the decision to take a hiatus.
  • Dana says that Lawyer was chosen over Condit because Carlos has already fought Hendricks and GSP and lost to both. Says he's working on something else for Condit, hopes that he'll be on the UFC 171 card as well. Says that the Matt Brown fight is now off the table. Says Nick Diaz isn't an option.
  • Dana says that even had GSP lost to Hendricks, the decision would likely have been the same. Said that it had nothing to do with fighting. It's strictly personal.
  • Dana says that GSP is the best welterweight ever and if he comes back and wins the belt again, it would be another epic moment of his career.
  • Dana says that UFC 167 was more than just what GSP said in the Octagon. Says that a lot of the frustrations were with Nevada.
  • Dana explains that the reason they're moving away from Matt Brown as an option for Condit is because he's hurt and doesn't want to rush him back.
  • Dana says that Jones vs. Teixeira is still the main event for UFC 171.
  • Dana expects Lawler vs. Hendricks to be like Haggler vs. Hearns.
  • Dana says that the rumors about the pregnancy and his father contributed to St. Pierre's mindset. Just a lot of drama. Says that GSP has a lot of things he's got to focus on. Says that it'll help GSP to not have to make any press appearances.
  • Dana says he isn't scared about a 2014 without GSP or Anthony Pettis. Says it's just part of the business.
  • Dana says that GSP's contract is now frozen. Says that it shouldn't affect the Canadian market too much. Said they've gone through the same when Liddell retired.