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UFC President Dana White wears t-shirts and jeans because 'he doesn’t give a f--k’ about his appearance

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Versace suit? Pffft. Give UFC President Dana White a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and he's as happy as can be.

Love him or hate him, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White -- much like the mixed martial arts (MMA) empire that he runs -- is "As Real As It Gets."

From letting out a few F-bombs during interviews and press conference, to letting his fighters know exactly how he feels about their performances, White isn't one to bite his tongue.

It's those types of personality traits that have garnered the brash head honcho the adoration of many and the disapproval of some.

But you see, White doesn't care what most people think of him, which is why he doesn't care if people criticize or judge him because he prefers to wear t-shirts and jeans as opposed to a fancy high-dollar GQ-style suit like most leaders of major sports organizations do.

Speaking to Star Telegram, White answered a few "uncomfortable questions" and in true Dana form, was as candid as ever.

Check it out:

What is your perfect idea of happiness? Happiness to me is, a lot of people equate happiness to money and success; I have kids, so this is goofy for people who don't have kids -- it's about the relationship you have with your kids. And it's about doing what you love to do. Waking up every day and doing what you love to do and amazing relationship with your kids. People ask me about my legacy. When I'm (bleeping) dead and laying in that box and I want my kids to stand there and say, 'He was a great dad.' Those are the things that matter.

Your greatest fear?: It's the exact opposite. You end up (bleeping) your kids up and you end up thinking you did a lot of things wrong and you end up on drugs. That's my biggest fear.

What virtue do you admire the most?: I would have to say loyalty.

What virtue do you have no time for?: People who care more about money or people.

What do you dislike the most about your appearance?: I couldn't give a (blank) about my appearance.

Oh, come on - you're fit and in shape: Swear to God I don't care. I have enough money that if I wanted to I could be dressed in the nicest (bleeping) clothes and look like something out of GQ. I wear t-shirts, jeans and don't give a (blank).

What word do you use the most? (blank). I use (blank) more than any other word on earth. Probably more than 'and.' (Use your imagination as to what his favorite word is)

What is your greatest luxury?: Tennis shoes. I like tennis shoes. And cars. Change that to cars.

What is your nicest car?: I have a Ferrari f430.

How fast have you driven it?: Very fast. Fast enough to get arrested.

Favorite place you have visited: Cabo. I love Cabo. ... You know what? I have the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia waiting for me so I have to go.

Thanks for your time: Thank you and thanks for being a UFC fan.

There you have it. Thoughts?