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Ronda Rousey still hasn't watched The Ultimate Fighter

Is anyone surprised that Ronda Rousey never watched The Ultimate Fighter?


If you watched the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), you know that Ronda Rousey wasn't exactly portrayed in the greatest of lights. She let her rivalry with Miesha Tate dictate her actions inside the gym and there were plenty of instances where she came off as kind of a jerk.

In fact, that was probably the biggest story coming out of the season. Typically, the Ultimate Fighting Champioship (UFC) tries to avoid making its draws look like the villains when in post-production. The show is filmed for six weeks so there is plenty of footage to use.

That even with a ton of b-roll, Rousey looked like a child speaks volumes to how she acted during her stint as a coach on the show. Last night (Nov. 30, 2013) following the main event, Rousey spoke with Jon Anik and Ariel Helwani and was asked for her thoughts about how she was portrayed.

Turns out she hasn't actually watched the season.

"I still haven't watched any of the episodes. If you want to get the real person via a reality TV show you're not going to get the right person. For all I know Kim Kardashian could be a rocket scientist. I'm happy that a lot of people know the girls now and they got to fight on the big stage. I don't have to worry about leaving that Gina Carano void. I feel like I have a couple of heartbroken kids I have to go talk to and I'm stuck here talking to you guys."

People can commend Rousey for her intensity but watching the post-show with Ariel Helwani and Jon Anik, it just seemed super uncomfortable. There's a time for being intense and there's a time for professionalism. Hopefully Rousey will be able to eventually balance the two.

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