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UFC Fight Night 31 results: Yoel Romero knocks out Ronny Markes

Boy, that was fun, wasn't it? Sick knockout.


The middleweights were representing on the main card of tonight's (Wed., Nov. 6, 2013) UFC Fight Night 31: "Fight for the Troops 3" event at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, as the streaking Ronny Markes took on former Olympic wrestler Yoel Romero.

The action was fast and furious right from the get go. Markes was looking for a takedown and any submission he could work out from whatever position he was in at any given moment while Romero was firing away with hard punches and kicks.

What was most interesting here was the fact that Markes was working a better wrestling game than Romero, and it was that fact that helped him keep his foe at bay.

In the second, Romero turned that around completely. He earned a takedown of his own but instead of following Markes to the floor and working from top, Romero landed a shot or two on the floor and decided he wanted to go back to trading punches.

Nothing wrong with that.

In response to this, the Brazilian went all out pushing forward with a series of shots that did little to no damage. That's because Romero was slipping the punches easy, outside of one punch in particular that had Romero's eyes rolled back in his head for a second or two.

The final frame saw Romero put an end to the proceedings with a sickening straight left punch about halfway home. The thud of glove connecting with face bones was brutal.

Only one follow up punch was necessary.

Keep rolling.

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