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Report: Cain Velasquez 'might need' shoulder surgery, Fabricio Werdum title fight -- and UFC trip to Mexico -- on hold

Big Mexican man down! But, for how long?

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Rumors swirled in the past 24 hours (thanks to this report) that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was all set to stage is first fight card in Mexico, featuring a main event title fight between Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez against Fabricio Werdum.

That report is inaccurate, according to UFC President Dana White, who also shared some rather important news (via Yahoo! Sports): Velasquez will be sidelined for the timebeing thanks to a shoulder injury he suffered during his successful UFC 166 title fight against Junior dos Santos.

As a result, UFC's quest to venture into Mexico for its first live mixed martial arts (MMA) event will be put on hold for the foreseeable future because as White says, there is no way they would go south of the border without its largest Latin champion.

His words:

"We haven't offered anyone a fight for that card and Cain is injured right now and might need surgery. Obviously, we're not going to Mexico without Cain Velasquez."

Velasquez's manager, Bob Cook, revealed that "Brown Pride" already had one MRI done and will be getting one more just to make sure they know the exact extent of the damage to his shoulder.

"He's had one MRI already, but we're going to get another one that is hopefully of better quality. He hurt it during the fight, but we're not exactly sure when or how it happened. Right now, we're waiting to get this other MRI before we know what we have to do, whether there's a need for minor surgery or just rehab."

According to Javier Mendez, Velasquez's head trainer, the champ didn't notice anything during his title fight against "Cigano." It wasn't until after the bout and after the adrenaline wore off that Velasquez realized he was hurt.

Mendez explains:

"It was one of those things where it had no impact on him in the fight, but after it's over and the adrenaline isn't going as much, you go, 'Uh oh, I may have done something,' He never said a thing about it during the fight, but I was with him after just before we went to the press conference and he told me he thought he hurt his shoulder. Hopefully, it's just something that will need rehab. I don't think it's major, but then Cain has such an amazingly high threshold for pain, you don't know for sure. We just need to get it checked out properly and then we can proceed."

Velasquez defended his 265-pound title against dos Santos in Houston, Texas -- the second time in 10 months he has defeated the Brazilian striker -- on Oct. 19, 2013. However, it seems the impressive and dominant victory didn't come without a heavy price.

Keep it tuned to as more news regarding Velasquez's injury becomes available.

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