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Video: Boozeless Don Frye finds 'The Darkness' in Cheick Kongo

Unicorns! Mermaids! Sissies! MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant sat down with French heavyweight Cheick Kongo and retired mixed martial arts (MMA) star turned actor Don "The PredatorLight of God" Frye. Check out all the hilarity and crossed lines right here.

First off, for those who don't know, Cheick Kongo and Karyn Bryant have a long (but good) history with each other. Kongo and fellow fighter Quinton Jackson are longtime training partners, teammates and friends and Bryant has a history of well-publicized interviews with "Rampage."

To make a long story short, both Kongo and Jackson enjoy busting Bryant's chops and she's a willing foil to their buffoonery. Hey, it makes for good video and neither she, nor her husband -- the cameraman in these videos I might add -- are taking much offense, so all's fair between friends, right?


First off, Cheick is refusing to respond to questions from now on, unless referred to as "The Darkness." Secondly, Don Frye has given up the booze for four months now due to Mollie. Not MDMA, but his wife (who is probably a saint for putting up with his shenanigans).

Bryant does an admirable job trying to keep these two from clowning the interview completely off the rails, but it's telling that neither of them would even answer her simple question of "who won the fight between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler?"

Frye thinks the fighters of today are "a bunch of sissies... wearing purses, painting their toenails."

Present company excluded, of course, Mr. Darkness.

Who said Don was never a diplomat?

Surprisingly Kongo also agrees with Don -- to a point on some fighters -- but given the different uh... styles that Don and Cheick had while fighting, it's interesting to hear "Cup Check" call out some of his contemporaries (unnamed, of course) as said un-manly men.

That said, Kongo was also quite diplomatic about people "not engaging right away." Cue up a surrender joke?

The best line of the evening was probably the following:

Bryant: There was a fight that was supposed to happen obviously, Rampage vs. Tito Ortiz. Who do you think would've won that fight?

Frye: You know what...

Bryant: I don't. Please fill me in, I don't know, Don. What, what, WHAT?

Frye: Why don't we just figure out who's gonna fight between a mermaid and a unicorn?

I won't spoil the rest for you, but you might not find an overall funnier MMA interview in years. Savor this 10 minutes. Cheick, Don and Karyn would want you to.

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