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UFC odds: Jon Jones vs. Cain Velasquez 'super fight' now has a betting line and the favorite is ...

You can bet on anything. This now applies to the potential match-up of Cain Velasquez vs. Jon Jones.

Victor Decolongon

Cain Velasquez and Jon Jones are both Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) titleholders.

In addition, both have been dominant in their respective divisions of heavyweight and light heavyweight and have defeated most of the threats in their weight classes, outside of perhaps Glover Teixeira and Fabricio Werdum, who are expected to be the next in line for a crack at the crown.

With the "super fights" involving Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Jones all seemingly off the table, speculators have quickly moved on to the idea of pitting Velasquez against Jones. "Bones" said he would fight at heavyweight, so what is there to lose?

Not to mention, Jones is still growing and getting stronger, which means his days at 205 pounds could be numbered. But the question remains, can he be as effective against opponents who outweigh him? Will he be as fast and as agile with additional baggage? The books have weighed in, and according to Best Fight Odds, the pride of Mexico gets the title of "favorite."

As of today at overseas betting site "," Velasquez has opened as a (-275) favorite against Jones, who in turn gets the "underdog" rate of (+215). Simply put, for every $275 wagered on the heavyweight champ, you would earn $100. While a $100 bet on "Bones" would pocket you an extra $215.

Now that's what you call upside.

For me, this line is suspect. Not taking anything away from what Velasquez is capable of doing, but until Jones is beaten, I don't see how he can be anything less than even money. But hey, come time for these two to do battle, I will gladly pony up less to win more on "Bones."

Where do you compulsive gamblers side?

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