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Knockout Game video: Gracie Breakdown teaches you how to survive a street attack

You've heard from Kenny Florian and Eddie Alvarez (if not click here and here), now hear from the Gracie family.

I'm sure by now you've seen or at least heard of that video making the rounds that features unsuspecting people getting KTFO by adolescent assailants who think it's funny when random folks get sucker punched.

Harry Houdini was not amused.

Anyway, the media has used it to get everyone's panties in a bunch because OMFG this can happen to you. That said, the folks behind the Gracie Breakdown videos are here to assure you that you can play the "Knockout Game" without kissing the concrete.

And any video featuring former WWE Diva Eve Torres is okay in my book.

Rener Gracie and his brother Ryon are perhaps best known (aside from their last name) for breaking down mixed martial arts (MMA) submission holds (example) that occur during major Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. Today's lesson goes beyond the walls of the Octagon and into the streets.

Then again, there's no shame in running...

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