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Rory MacDonald: Georges St-Pierre might not be ‘gone for good,’ the ‘machine’ just needs a break from UFC

Georges St-Pierre retire? Not according to friend and training partner Rory MacDonald, who says all "Rush" needs is a well-deserved break after dominating the mixed martial arts (MMA) world for so long.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

Georges St-Pierre's fighting future may still be up in the air following his decision to take some time off, but that hasn't stopped those closest to him from giving their two cents as to what they believe the future holds for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion.

Kristof Midoux, one of St-Pierre's cornermen, recently said he wants to see "Rush" retire for good or else he would no longer be by his side come fight night.

Friend and training partner Rory MacDonald, however, doesn't think Georges will walk away from mixed martial arts (MMA) for good, saying that all the French-Canadian needs is a break. Something "Ares" says he deserves after dominating the 170-pound division for so long.

His words via "The MMA Hour:"

"I don't think he's gone for good. But maybe he needs some time. People have no idea the kind of pressure it is to fight, and I have no idea what kind of pressure it to hold the belt for (six years). Before that he was headlining cards since he was younger than I am right now. That's a lot of pressure. That's a lot of interviews. That's a lot of work, and the guy, he's a machine. For someone to be able to do that, to carry a belt for that long, and to be a headliner for that long, it wears on you. He needs a break."

Indeed, "GSP" has arguably been the face of UFC for quite some time now, fulfilling his obligations time and time again (unlike others), being the poster boy of what a company man should be.

Something UFC President Dana White has echoed on numerous occasions.

Nevertheless, amid numerous rumors of baby-mamma drama, ill family members and pending lawsuits, St-Pierre has kept silent (for the most part), keeping his cards close to his chest following UFC 167, as far as his MMA future is concerned.

And time, it seems, is all that "Rush" needs because as this picture and statement reveal, "GSP" is in a far better place emotionally and physically now than he was a mere 10 days ago when it seemed the world was crashing down on him.

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