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UFC Quick Quote: The 'Knockout Game' is going to get someone killed

There's a reason they call it a "sucker" punch.

"In these cases the kids aren't trying to rob the individuals of anything. Their only goal is to see if they can land a knockout blow on an unsuspecting victim. The stupidity of this is mind boggling. Is this the world we are living in now? What happened to kids playing sports? What happened to going out and watching a funny movie? What happened to video games? What happened to respect and common decency? Never did I expect to give a 'these kids these days' kind of speech but nothing sickens me more than seeing kids in the United States doing ignorant things such as knocking people out for fun. Not only can they severely injure and even kill someone, but they themselves risk death in the process. One such teenager got shot a couple times and ended up in jail for his attack. It is the ultimate irony if kids are doing this to see how 'manly' they are. There is absolutely nothing manly about knocking out a person who is not expecting to be hit and there is certainly nothing funny about hurting anyone. I fear that this is only going to put people on alert even more when walking the city streets. Adults will be even quicker to pull their guns or be first to react violently if they feel threatened."

Retired Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter-turned mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst Kenny Florian (via FOX Sports) is blowing his stack over the "Knockout Game," which has gotten widespread media attention in recent weeks thanks to the nefarious "share" button on popular social networks, which often does more harm than good. In any event, "KenFlo" warns how unsuspecting violence can lead to even greater violence, as people may shoot first and ask questions later after being scared to leave their own houses. But does a collection of random assaults on the Internet indicate a new and disturbing trend? Or just the media's willingness to latch on and manufacture a crisis? Consider the argument from Bellator champ Eddie Alvarez here as well as the possible counterargument here, then sound off in the comments section below.

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