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UFC Quick Quote: Pat Barry not thrilled about making two-day flight to Australia to fight Soa Palelei

Pat Barry has two tough battles ahead of him in December. One is facing Soa Palelei at UFC Fight Night 33 on Dec. 7 and the other is being stuck on an airplane for "two days" just to get to the destination.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"I don't like the fact that my itinerary says that I leave Sunday afternoon and land on Tuesday. I think the flight leaves Denver, fly's around Australia, goes back to Denver and to Australia, I have no idea. It shouldn't be that far. Don't tell me we're landing on Tuesday, I can't handle that. When I first signed to UFC I made two small requests. And I'm going to premise that with an awesome statement that I will fight anyone, anywhere at anytime, doesn't matter if it's short notice, I'm always ready, and I will fight the day of, I'm never going to say no. But, I have two requests. One, I never ever ever want to fight in Australia unless you send me a boat to get there six months in advance; and I never want to fight in Colorado. Now I'm fighting in Australia and I live in Colorado."

-- Pat Barry isn't a fan of airplanes, making his apprehension leading up to his upcoming overseas trip to Brisbane, Australia, understandable as he prepares fight Soa Palelei at UFC Fight Night 33 on Dec. 7, 2013. Speaking on "The MMA Hour" this afternoon, Barry revealed that prior to signing a contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he requested to never be booked to fight in "The Land Down Under" or in Denver, Colorado. The former because of the distance and the latter due to the high elevation levels. For the most part, UFC has accommodated his requests, booking him stateside for all of but two fights, with the others going down in Canada. But, his worst fear has come true as he will now face an extended amount of time in the air as he heads to Australia for his twelfth fight inside the Octagon to take on "The Hulk." And he isn't looking forward to flying for what he describes as 48 hours straight. But, he'll have to get over his fear of planes and the jet leg because he'll have to shift his attention to a man with a nine-fight win streak under his belt and looks to make it two in a row inside the eight-walled cage. The good news? Barry will gain all the time back on the return trip, giving him more time to possibly revel in his victory.

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