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Josh Thomson 'confused' over Anthony Pettis' 'pointless' knee surgery

Josh Thomson worked through his PCL tear prior to fighting for the 155-pound title and is wondering why Anthony Pettis won't do the same.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis will undergo surgery in a few weeks to repair a torn posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) in his left knee, which is expected to keep him sidelined for up to nine months.

Quite a lengthy absence for a procedure that is "pointless."

That's according to top 155-pound contender Josh Thomson, who lost his chance to fight "Showtime" for the 155-pound strap at the UFC on FOX 9 event next month in Sacramento (details), considering a PCL injury is something you can "work through."

"The Punk" explains to Steph Daniels:

"My focus really was the title, and it sucks that it happened the way it did, especially given that it was a PCL injury. I've gone through that same injury myself, and I fought that third fight with Gilbert with a torn PCL, which is why I'm kind of confused as to why Pettis is not fighting. I feel that it's something you can work through, and there's not very much they can do for it. I've talked to some of the best doctors and surgeons, and they've said trying to repair a PCL is kind of pointless. Rest and letting it heal is the best way to deal with it. I still fought with mine torn, and it happened the week before the fight. The most upsetting thing for me is that the title opportunity has been taken away. It's just sad. I'm just hoping I get the win over Benson and that Anthony recovers soon so we can fight."

Pettis still gets paid, much to the chagrin of Nate Diaz.

In his absence, Thomson will now fight former division kingpin Ben Henderson at the upcoming UFC on FOX 10 event, which is scheduled to take place on Jan. 25, 2014 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. With T.J. Grant still on the sidelines (because of this), the winner will likely welcome "Showtime" back to the cage next summer.

But will it be Thomson or Henderson?

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