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Bellator 109 results, LIVE! Online Fight Coverage Stream For 'Shlemenko Vs. Marshall' on Spike TV

Bellator 109: "Shlemenko vs. Marshall" takes place later tonight (Fri., Nov. 22, 2013) at Sands Bethlehem Events Center in Bethlehem, PA., with "Prelims" airing live right here on and then the main card will be over on Spike TV. will deliver immediate under card quick results and blow-by-blow perspective for the main card fights on Spike TV right here!

The final installment of Bellator's ninth season will culminate in Bellator 109 from Sands Bethlehem Events Center in Bethlehem, PA., and will be headlined by a middleweight title fight between the current champion Alexander Shlemenko against the man mixed martial arts (MMA) fans know as "Rhino," Doug Marshall.

Rounding out the main card on Spike TV will be former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight Terry Etim taking on young but promising Patrick Cenoble, who has finished his opponent in eight of the nine contests he's been in.

The man who beat War Machine at Bellator 104, Ron Keslar, will be in action against the 17-2 Rick Hawn. Followed by Will Brooks going up against Alexander Sarnavskiy for the opportunity to face the newly crowned champion, Eddie Alvarez.

But before the main card starts on Spike TV, stay tuned right here for the live stream of the preliminary bouts which have two names in particular worth paying attention to. Undefeated Bulgarian heavyweight Blagoi Ivanov, who I witnessed destroy Manny Lara at Bellator 99 in less than 90 seconds, will be in action. He will be looking to take his record to 9-0 at the expense of Keith Bell.

Also on the undercard will be Bubba Jenkins, the winner of the 2011 NCAA Division I Championship at 157 pounds for Arizona State University. He was heavily favored against LaRue Burley at Bellator 100, but ended up getting finished in the third frame. "The Highlight Reel" will look to bounce back against another fighter who has a winning percentage of .500, Ian Rammel.

So sit back, follow our live scorecards and enjoy the show. Please note the card is listed below in reverse chronological order, thus results will start at the bottom of the page.

See you tonight!


Bellator 109 Quick Results:

Main Card (Spike TV):

185 lbs. Bellator Middleweight Championship: Alexander Shlemenko vs. Doug Marshall -- Alexander Shlemenko retains Middleweight Championship via knockout (body shots) at (4:28) of 1st round

155 lbs. Lightweight Tournament Final: Will Brooks vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy -- Will Brooks wins via unanimous decision (30-26) (30-27 X 2)

170 lbs. Middleweight Tournament Final: Rick Hawn vs. Ron Keslar -- Rick Hawn wins via knockout at (0:55) of 3rd round

170 lbs. Terry Etim vs. Patrick Cenoble -- Terry Etim wins via unanimous decision (30-26) (29-28) (30-27)

Prelims Under Card (

Heavyweight Fight: Keith Bell vs. Blagoi Ivanov -- Blagoi Ivanov wins via submission (rear-naked choke) at (3:59) of 1st round

Featherweight Fight: Saul Almeida vs. Goiti Yamauchi -- Goiti Yamauchi wins via KO at (2:04) of 1st round

Lightweight Fight: Bubba Jenkins vs. Ian Rammel -- Bubba Jenkins wins via TKO (punches) at (2:38) of 3rd round

Lightweight Fight: Brett Glass vs. Brent Primus -- Brent Primus wins via submission (rear-naked choke) at (3:20) of 1st round

Featherweight Fight: Lester Caslow vs. Jay Haas -- Lester Caslow wins via submission (guillotine) at (2:44) of 3rd round

Lightweight Fight: Ahsan Abdulla vs. Mike Bannon -- Mike Bannon wins via technical submission (arm-triangle choke) at (1:51) of 1st round


C.J. Tuttle here with the play-by-play --

Alexander Shlemenko vs. Doug Marshall

Round One: Both tentative in the beginning, a little too tentative as Shlemenko scores the quick take down. Marshall is able to stand up and separate. Marshall throws a leg kick, Shlemenko hits a spinning back kick, then follows with a take down. Crazy sequence with each throwing a huge hail mary attempt and missing. Shlemenko got a take down but Marshall used a sweep to get to his feet. Shlemenko accused Marshall of a low blow, but there wasn't one. Shlemenko went for a take down but failed, Marshall looks tentative, scared to get taken down. Short right hand from Marshall lands, body shots returned from Shlemenko. They are against the cage with one minute left. Marshall punches out and then Shlemenko lands A HUGE liver shot that hurts Marshall. "Rhino" throws an upper cut that lands but Shlemenko thows another shot to the body that ends the fight.

Final Result: Alexander Shlemenko retains Bellator Middleweight Championship via knockout (body shots) at (4:28) of 1st round


Will Brooks vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

Round One: Tiger came out throwing some kicks and punches, Brooks immediately brought the fight in close and trying to press the two against the cage. They separated and Tiger came inside threw a nice combination and backed out. Will Brooks with a nice right hook which he followed with a head kick, Tiger fought back and landed a knee that was partially blocked by Brooks' arms. Two high knees to the thigh of Tiger that seemed to hurt the Russian, quickly Brooks parlayed this into the take down, he started to work from the top position with small elbows and punches. Tiger used the cage to get back up to his feet, he then threw a big body shot and uppercut. They engaged with some nice boxing but Tiger pulled guard as Brooks shot in. Brooks got upright, tried to drop some bombs but they were dodged by Tiger. Small forearms to the forehead of Tiger to end the round.

(10-9) Brooks

Round Two: Brooks comes out right away with a nice head kick. Tiger checks him with some stiff leg kicks, then throws a spinning back fist that Brooks is able to dodge. Brooks shoots and scores another take down, which is big for this round thus far. He is now in a top position that is utilizing the cage for extra leverage. He is continuing to use the forearms, Sarnavskiy tried to create some separation but was unable to ward off the blanket-y Brooks. Tiger gives up his back while trying to stand up. Brooks is tired though and not going for a submission of any type. Now Brooks is stringing together some shots to the head, tense moments for the Russian -- he manages to hold on for remainder of round.

(10-9) Brooks

Round Three: Brooks pushes Tiger against the cage, pulls his legs out from underneath him and scores the slam take down. Brooks is on top keeping it close and staying busy with punches, much different offense in comparison to Etim during the last fight. He is mixing things up well and not "just laying there." Now Brooks dropping elbows that have now busted open Tiger. Now Brooks postures up and throws some heavier punches, but then realizes separating on his own accord at this point in the fight is asinine. I wonder if Shlemenko has gone back to his dressing room yet because this fight is in the books. Up next for Brooks is Eddie Alvarez. Brooks is trying to get the referee stoppage with the small punches, he has opened Tiger up right between the eyes. Brooks gets the full mount, Tiger turns gives up his back, Brooks going hard for the finish in final 30 seconds but can't get it.

(10-8) Brooks

(30-26) Brooks on C.J.'s card

Final Result: Will Brooks wins via unanimous decision (30-26) (30-27 X 2)


Ron Keslar vs. Rick Hawn

Round One: Keslar throws kicks out of the gate, Hawn gets rocked by a running knee to the gut. He crumples and Keslar goes for the finish. He frantically punches but cannot end the fight. The pace slows and Keslar goes to work from the top. Hawn tries to stand but Keslar maintains side control. Keslar suddenly starts raining down hammer fists but Hawn is able to stand. They have their backs against the cage but Hawn finally gets out of the predicament. They have a slow two minutes where they paw at each other from a distance but suddenly Keslar lands some knees in the clinch hurting Hawn again.

(10-9) Keslar

Round Two: Hawn lands a right to start the second. He follows with a nice two punch combination, Keslar tries to turn the fight into a clinch position but Hawn moves. Keslar is now pressing against the cage but Hawn circles out. Hawn trying to jab and land combinations but Keslar's reach is a real disadvantage. Hawn's corner asking for him to "turn it on now." Flurry from Keslar, going to the knees again but Hawn avoids. Hawn stalking Keslar, jabbing with the left. Left hook lands. Keslar pushes against the cage as a defense mechanism. Miragliotta separates them with one minute left. Keslar turns it on for a moment but Hawn circles. This is a tough round to score but based on damage I'll lean towards Hawn.

(10-9) Hawn

Round Three: Big clubbing right hand from Hawn wobbles Keslar, Hawn separates and then lands another huge fight that sends Keslar packing. Third round knock out for Rick Hawn, nice comeback.

Final Result: Rick Hawn wins via knockout at (0:55) of 3rd round


Patrick Cenoble vs. Terry Etim

Round One: Sorry about the delay but my internet was having some extreme difficulty. Etim got the double leg take down immediately to start the first round. Etim passes goes for the choke and continues to seek choke for duration of round. Takes back, has a crank but can't sink in choke. A good round from Etim but he exerted energy holding Cenoble down entire round.

(10-9) Etim

Round Two: Etim scores take down again to begin second. The referee is threatening to stand them up already which is different from the first. Cenoble is landing small punches from the bottom, Etim didn't like the way it was feeling so he passed into side control. Two minutes left in second Etim is content laying on his opponent. Referee stood them up finally. Etim looks tired, Cenoble throwing left jabs to the body. Now moving side to side then lands a head kick, Etim then shoots and scores the take down. Side control for Etim with one minute left in second. Cenoble stands up with 30 seconds left, he his tired also, not doing enough to hurt Etim.

(10-9) Etim

Round Three: Cenoble gets taken down with ease again in the third. Etim just passing slowly from guard to guard patiently awaiting the (30-27) score. Two minutes remaining, Etim has Cenoble's back and his acting like he is going for a crank to the neck but all he is doing is biding time. Boring fight, honestly had some hope that Cenoble could pull an Edson Barbosa type performance out of his a**. He did flip Etim over at the end but that's the end of the fight.

(10-9) Etim

(30-27) Etim on C.J.'s card

Final Result: Terry Etim wins via unanimous decison (30-26) (30-27) (29-28)


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