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Video trailer: UFCs Dana White to produce Boston-inspired boxing show, 'The Fighters' on Discovery Channel

UFC President Dana White will serve as executive producer for an upcoming Discovery Channel show, "The Fighters." It will mark the first time White has been involved in the sport of boxing as anything other than a fan in more than one decade.

Brendon Thorne


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, a former amateur boxer, trainer and manager, has once again teamed up with Craig Piligian -- the executive producer of "The Ultimate Fighter" franchise that debuted on Spike TV back in 2005 -- to produce an upcoming television series dubbed, "The Fighters".

"The Fighters" will debut on Discovery Channel on Jan. 23, 2014, according to

There are a lot of interesting points and firsts related to this announcement.

For starters, it will signal the first time White will be involved in the "Beantown" boxing scene since he was run out of town by the Boston Mob decades ago and into the open arms of Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who bank-rolled the purchase of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at the behest of their childhood pal.

It's also the first time White has done anything that involves cultivating the sport of boxing aside from attending fights since he and the Fertitta brothers took over UFC in 2001.

It is unclear at this time whether "The Fighters" will be a reality television series or a documentary ... or a hybrid.

White, a long-time boxing fan, has always stated -- despite being at odds with Top Rank boxing promoter Bob Arum -- that both sports can co-exist and do well. And with "The Fighters," he is seemingly out to prove that statement first-hand by diving into both.

Check out the early video trailer for "The Fighters" below:

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