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TUF 18: Ronda Rousey shed 17 pounds in 24 hours to prove that cutting weight is mental

Though she probably could have saved herself a few pounds of sweat and just deferred to David Grant, who cut weight and hit his mark like a pro.

Esther Lin

Lead by example.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was disappointed that she was unable to get Anthony Gutierrez to make weight on episode 12 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 (see the recap here).

Like Cody Bollinger before him, Gutierrez mismanaged his diet leading up to his semifinal fight against David Grant and failed to make his mark, then quit while attempting to shed the few extra pounds.

Following his weight-cutting debacle -- which got him kicked off the show -- Rousey apologized to UFC President Dana White for what she perceived to be dereliction of duty, before insisting she cut weight for UFC 168 (way early) just to prove it could be done.

Team Rousey fighter Jessamyn Duke (via Bleacher Report) explains:

"She jumped on the scale after Anthony missed weight and was 152 pounds. Without any sort of prep (diet, water loading, sodium loading/cutting, etc.) jumped in the sauna and was in there for FIVE hours before it was time to go to the coaches challenge. Yes, Ronda Rousey cut weight in the sauna for five hours, went to a rock climbing challenge, won, and then went BACK to the sauna that night and cut some more ... She did this to prove a point ... Cutting weight is mental. You can't use screwing up your diet or your water loading as an excuse. If you miss weight, it's because you mentally broke. The fact that she pulled this off really showed that Ronda is on another level mentally. It was inspiring and motivating to see this happen in front of me. It made me realize that I never have to be afraid of missing weight... you just have to be mentally strong and never give up. Unfortunately, Anthony gave up."

24 hours later and Rousey was 135, on the dot.

Unfortunately, it was of little consolation to Gutierrez, who is now probably hoping he can capitalize on his notoriety -- like Bollinger did -- and find a home in an upstart regional mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion. TUF 18 wraps up next week before moving on the Nov. 30 live finale in Las Vegas.

Not that graduating to the pros has kept anyone from missing weight.

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