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MMA Quick Quote: Whatever respect Cro Cop had for Fedor Emelianenko is now gone

When he's not busy telling Dana White how to run UFC, Mirko Filipovic is telling Fedor Emelianenko what he can and can't say.

Esther Lin for Strikeforce

"Fedor commented on me and today I read a comment from his eminent brother. It's little to say that I truly respected and liked them both since the time when we fought together in Japan, but that respect is now gone. Alexander, who probably caused all the scandal and manfully beat up a 63 years old just so that he doesn't have to enter the ring with me, I won't comment too much because the sport is often looked down on because of guys like him, and besides, he doesn't deserve much of a comment. But Fedor was a grave disappointment. If Fedor fought in my city, I'd come to his hotel, take him out for dinner, have a talk with him, and if I had to tell him something I'd tell it to his face and not talk over newspapers. After all, we're 'brothers in arms' and we bled together in Japanese rings, and had a fight that many consider as the best in MMA history, and he not only didn't have the audacity to say hello, even before the fight in the locker room, but he commented on me that I'm this and that, this wasn't the Fedor that I used to know. Every one of his losses fell hard on me, as if it were my own, and this same man then says publicly that he doesn't know what keeps me fighting, that I'm not in shape and such things. Everyone has the right for an opinion, but until then I'm shedding my own blood, enduring the torture and pain, the decision is mine, it's my thing for how long I'll fight and why I fight. About the fight, I'm sick because of the loss, but I'm glad that I broke the blockade in my head that I had about grappling through my entire career and I'm glad that I tried to go for a guillotine and after that for a triangle. Sadly, I wasn't able to get it around him, cause if I did he'd be choked out. If I was able to get both legs together, and it was close, I would have finished him and it would have been 'Great job, champ!' 'Awesome!' 'You're in great shape!' But like this, it's just gonna be spitting all over me and this and that."

U mad? Longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) heavyweight striker Mirko Filipovic (via Middle Easy) was disappointed to hear former PRIDE FC stablemate Fedor Emelianenko -- and his eminent brother -- calling for "Cro Cop" to hang up the gloves, after the UFC castaway was submitted Alexey Oleinik earlier this month in Moscow (watch it here). The 39-year-old Croatian is just 1-4 over his last five contests and has been finished in all four of his losses, which led the now-retired Emelianenko to refer to his former opponent as "broken" and past the point of fighting competitively. That didn't sit well with Filipovic, who thinks Fedor should STFU, or at least buy him dinner and tell him privately. Anyone care to take sides in this petty squabble?

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