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Bellator 106 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Chandler vs Alvarez 2' on Spike TV

Bellator 106: "Chandler vs. Alvarez 2" takes place later tonight (Sat., Nov. 2, 2013) at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, Calif., airing live on (under card "Prelims" matches) and Spike TV (main card bouts). will deliver immediate under card quick results and cageside blow-by-blow perspective for the main card fights on Spike TV RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Nov. 2, 2013, has finally arrived, meaning Bellator 106 is here, even though the mixed martial arts (MMA) card looks much different than its original incarnation.

Bellator 106 was supposed to mark the organization's pay-per-view (PPV) debut; however, a last-minute injury to Tito Ortiz forced him out of the main event against Quinton Jackson. "Chandler vs. Alvarez 2" now takes place LIVE from Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, Calif., beginning at 7 p.m. ET with two hours of "Prelims" under action that you can watch in the embedded video player below before moving to Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET.

Spike TV's televised portion of the main card will begin at 9 p.m. ET, which is the same time will starts its round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage BELOW (scroll down) courtesy of onsite correspondent C.J. Tuttle who is seated in press row.

Bellator 106 is headlined by a rematch between Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez, a scrap for all the marbles with the Lightweight championship on the line, as well as Chandler's undefeated record (12-0).

In the co-main event, "King Mo" will finally get his chance to prove his first knock out loss to "The Hardcore Kid" Emanuel Newton at Bellator 90 was a fluke, and if he can repeat history, he will take home the interim Light Heavyweight belt.

Rounding out the main card is the rematch of Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus, which is for Bellator's Featherweight crown and the Finale of the much delayed "Fight Master" competition, which features former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Joe Riggs looking to dispatch Mike Bronzoulis.

If there ever was a time to start over with Bellator, tonight is the night. So sit back, follow our live scorecards and enjoy the show. Please note the card is listed below in reverse chronological order, thus results will start at the bottom of the page.

Got it? Okay, we are off!


Bellator 106 Quick Results:

Main Card (Spike TV):

155 lbs. Bellator Lightweight Championship: Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez -- Eddie Alvarez wins Bellator Lightweight Championship via split decision (48-47 X 2) (47-48

145 lbs. Bellator Featherweight Championship: Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus -- Daniel Straus wins Bellator Featherweight Championship via unanimous decision (49-45) and (48-46 X 2)

205 lbs. Interim Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship: King Mo vs. Emanuel Newton -- Emanuel Newton wins Interim Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship via unanimous decision (49-46 X 3)

170 lbs. (Fight Master Tournament Final): Mike Bronzoulis vs. Joe Riggs -- Joe Riggs wins fight via unanimous decision (30-27 X 3)

155 lbs. Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan -- Mike Richman wins via TKO (punches) at 4:05 of first round

Prelims Under Card (

170 lbs. Alejandro Garcia vs. Cristiano Souza -- Cristiano Souza wins via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:06 of third round

170 lbs. Jesse Juarez vs. Joe Williams -- WILL TAKE PLACE AFTER MAIN CARD

205 lbs. Brandon Halsey vs. Hector Ramirez -- Brandon Halsey wins via TKO (punches) at 0:52 of first round

155 lbs. Mike Guymon vs. Aaron Miller -- Mike Guymon wins via submission at 4:20 of second round

145 lbs. Joe Camacho vs. Cleber Luciano -- Cleber Luciano wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 3)

155 lbs. Darren Smith vs. Josh Smith -- Josh Smith wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 3)


C.J. Tuttle here from press row.

Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez

Round One: These men are so fucking pumped. Lighting fast punches from each to start. Chandler shoots and misses. He is already very red in the face from a punch. Both men settling down into the groove now. Big body shot from Alvarez. Tension is palpable in arena. Big leg kick from Chandler. Alvarez goes for the single leg but fails. Nice left jabs from Alvarez, he is looking quick, avoiding strikes from Chandler. These men know they are in the main event. Chandler stalking, Alvarez got caught with a punch and looked rattled, he is now running, Chandler caught him again right on the chin. Now Chandler gets caught. Chandler caught a leg kick from Alvarez, he then threw Alvarez and went for the choke, it seemed like Alvarez tapped.

(10-9) Chandler

Round Two: Chandler comes out with the jab early. Chandler caught Alvarez with a hook, Alvarez countered and landed a punch. Both men staying very active, big punch from Alvarez lands, now Chandler lands a punch. The pace is relentless. Chandler shoots but is unsuccessful. Blood is pouring from Chandler's other eye now. We will see if the cut comes into play. Chandler slams Alvarez again. He looks very strong with the wrestling. He has Alvarez's back, slams him, but Alvarez is quickly back to his feet. Both men breathing deeply up against the cage. Crowd booing as they have stayed in this position for a minute, they separate Chandler eats two huge punches, that wobble his knees. Chandler shakes his head no, but it looks like he really was stunned. Tough round to score, but with the slams I lean Chandler.

(10-9) Chandler

Round Three: Alvarez comes out and lands two quick punches. Then a superman punch from Alvarez lands, Chandler comes back with a combination of his own. Chandler looks confident, he shoots but fails. The punches these men are throwing still have "oomph" even with all the energy they have expended. Uppercut from Chandler wobbles Alvarez a little. Crowd can smell it. Chandler grabs a leg but gives up. Alvarez takes Chandler's back then lands a big punch as he gives up the position. Spinning elbow from Alvarez lands. Big quick left hand from Chandler, followed by a slam, he then moves to back position tries to get an underhook in but Alvarez remains on his feet. This was a strong round towards the end for Chandler, but Alvarez landed some crucial shots.

(10-9) Alvarez

Round Four: Doctors were taking a long look at Chandler in between rounds. Alvarez comes out looking for the take down. He suddenly bursts our from the corner, lands a flying knee, and some explosive punches. He concludes the sequence with a take down. He is on top of Eddie and doing some work with the elbows. Blood is coming heavily from Chandler as he throws huge punches from the top position. These punches Eddie is eating are nasty, he is busted open and really in a bad spot with two minutes left. He suddenly looks gassed, Chandler is really evening the score as far as facial damage. Chandler pacing himself, he has worked his way over into a corner and is listening to his corner. Sudden scary moment for Alvarez fans as Chandler landed 4-5 punches looking for a stoppage, but McCarthy lets it continue. This round was ALL Chandler.

(10-9) Chandler

Round Five:Big body shot from Chandler lands. Chandler lands a shot on Alvarez, gets the take down and now is trying to choke Alvarez out with four minutes left, Alvarez suddenly gets up, lands a couple punches on Chandler. This fight really opens up, both men throwing punches, Alvarez lands on Chandler takes his back, begins choking Chandler, crazy sequence, Alvarez is pouring it on going for the finish. Chandler is really hurt. ALL THE SUDDEN he gets on top of Alvarez, they get to their feet and Chandler takes him down as the fight ends. Standing ovation from everyone.

(10-9) Alvarez

3/2 Chandler on my card

Final Result: Eddie Alvarez wins via split decision (48-47 X 2) (47-48)


Muhammed Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton

Round One: Mo coming out southpaw. Both feeling each other out. Mo shoots and scores a take down up against the cage which is interesting. Newton trying to stand up, he does, but is against cage, Mo is kneeing Newton's thighs hard. Mo is working hard to maintain the dominant position. As they separate Mo lands some huge repeated shots, Newton is desperate to escape. Interesting moment when Newton goes for spinning back kick and Mo shoots in unison. The kick connects but Mo continues through and scores the take down. Newton tries to stand up, Mo times a knee to the midsection of Newton well, crumpling him. Newton throws a couple punches, but they are blocked by Mo. Newton is tentative. This round is Mo's.

(10-9) Mo

Round Two: Slow first minute to the second. Newton throwing more to start, Mo shoots, fails but ends up in control against the cage. Mo pulls the legs out from underneath Newton and gets the slam. He has side control, but Newton wiggles free, stands, throws a huge head kick that rocks Mo. Mo is hurt, the crowd smells it, so does Newton. Emanuel throws another big shot that lands, Mo is hesitant now, he throws a jab then Newton throws a slow spinning back kick. Now another head kick hits Mo. Both men getting tired. Body shot from Mo, now a big right hand from Mo. This was a close round but Newton did the damage, so I will go with him

(10-9) Newton

Round Three: Mo tags Newton with a left jab, big round upcoming for both men. Nice left then right from Newton both land. Mo throws a big combination of body and head shots against the cage, Newton bounces off the steel, moves forward and lands a couple big shots of his own. Lots of spinning shit from Newton. Couple body kicks from Newton, they have been landing and they are keeping Mo honest. I think Mo is the more tired of the two men currently, but the altitude he trains at will come into play. The body shots from Newton are adding up, but so are the punches from Mo. Mo looking to load up with the right, he does so and eats a body kick that makes him think twice, but shoots anyways. Newton looking for a guillotine but gives up. They move away from each other, and the round ends.

(10-9) Mo

Round Four: Couple kicks from Newton to start the frame, his final spinning maneuver almost lands. Big left-right combination from Mo lands. Then another big body kick from Newton that Mo smiles at. Newton really has his hands low, another spinning back kick. Now another body kick scores, he is really going with that now. Mo shoots, Newton sprawls, then lands punches on the way out. Spinning back kick that Mo barely avoids again. Mo shoots slowly and pulls the legs out from underneath Newton slowly and gets the take down, but Newton gets up quick. Mo is tired. Newton is the fresher of the two. Mo is coming in and Newton is just kicking him away. Right uppercut from Newton lands. Mo whiffs on a big right hook.

(10-9) Newton

Round Five: Well lets see who wants this more. Both look a little fresher. Newton starts with the leg kicks to the body, Mo eats them. Newton lands a two punch combination. Haymaker attempt from Newton narrowly misses, he follows with a leg kick. Mo is not doing anything, he is just pawing at Newton. A spinning back kick lands finally on Mo's midsection. Mo shoots, ends up on Newton's back, but cannot score the take down. Newton wants to bang for the final three. Newton is bleeding under the right eye, he just caught Mo with a haymaker, then almost landed the head kick. Mo shoots, gets Newton down to his butt, but Newton stands. I think Newton won guys.

(10-9) Newton

I have it 3/2 Newton.

Final Result: Emanuel Newton wins via unanimous decision (49-46 X 3)


Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus

Round One: Big head kick attempts from Curran right off the bat, Straus shoots and get the first take down of the fight. Hopefully for everyone involved we are not subjected to five rounds of this. As I say this, they stand. Both men feeling each other out to start. Straus gaining confidence, comes inside on Straus and lands a nice three punch combination. The ref stopped the bout for a second, as he did so, Tito entered the building to "Fuck you Tito" chants.

After the restart, Straus throws another big leg kick and scores a take down. Interesting first round as I think the last action between the two gave the round edge to Straus. Curran is showing a little wear on his face.

(10-9) Straus

Round Two: Good back and forth start to the second round. Curran lands a nice knee, Curran comes back with a flying knee of his own. Very evenly matched, and I do not see how. Curran is not doing enough. He just took a shot that knocked him off of his feet. They come inside and both land strikes from inside the clinch. Curran comes inside with a kick, eats a punch, both men rotating combinations. Now Straus blocks a head kick, then eats two hook shots, pushes Curran against fence to slow momentum and both come back towards center. Front kick attempt from Curran, miss. They trade shots in final 30 seconds, Curran lands a couple to end round.

(10-9) Curran

Round Three: Curran the aggressor right off the bat. Flying knee attempt from Straus, immediately followed up by a huge head kick, but Curran avoids. Straus shoots hard for a take down but runs out of room and ends up pushing Curran against cage. Straus is content pushing against the cage currently. Curran explodes and does his version of pushing against the cage. They split, crazy moment where Curran lands a blatant knee to the head of Straus who drops to the floor. Curran knows what he did immediately and backs away. Ref Jason Herzog takes a point from Curran.

Straus immediately gets the take down to start off the final two minutes of the third. Folks this very well could be the way Straus wins this title. Grinding it out. He is still on top as the round concludes. Uh-oh, Curran needs to dig deep in championship rounds.

(10-8) Straus

Round Four: Curran comes out looking like Diego Sanchez for three seconds, then gets taken down. He gets up to his feet slowly then is slammed down by Straus again. With two minutes remaining Straus is grinding Curran down, very similar to another Bellator wrestler we all are familiar with. If this round goes to Straus too (which it currently is) the fight on the cards will be for Straus. Curran goes for a guillotine attempt, he has it locked in somewhat, tense moments for Straus' camp, but he gets out. He now lands some nice elbows to Curran's head. This is ANOTHER round for Straus.

(10-9) Straus

Round Five: Well folks this is it. Curran has to finish or he will lose the strap. Straus is still throwing punches, not sitting back taking punishment. Curran does not look like a man who is desperate to keep his title, he is either gassed, or something. Now Straus pouring it on, throwing punches, timing his knees and landing big body shots with his legs. He almost put Curran away right there, but the champion held on. Two minutes left and Curran is pressing against the cage, content with the result at this point. Now Curran flips the script and presses against the cage. Him finishing the fight like this is impossible. Strauss says "F that" finishes strong with a take down. He will be the new champ.

(10-9) Straus

I have Straus on 4/5.

Final Result: Daniel Straus wins via unanimous decision (49-45) and (48-46 X 2)


Joe Riggs vs. Mike Bronzoulis

Round One: Riggs has tagged Bronzoulis a couple times early, making him tentative to engage. Riggs looks to be in great shape and is just stalking Bronzoulis. Riggs got caught in the clinch and ate a knee, he punched his way out of it and rocked Bronzoulis with a punch. He hesitated then came in again, throwing two huge punches that Bronzoulis blocked with his arms. Riggs caught a kick attempt, and completed the first take down of the fight. Bronzoulis is attempting to stand, Riggs has grabbed his back and is going for the guillotine choke. He has transitioned now and is raining knees to Bronzoulis' side. Bronzoulis stood up finally as the round came to a close.

(10-9) Riggs

Round Two: Riggs scores another take down to begin the second. They are up against the cage directly in front of press row, Riggs landed a big knee, now is using his weight to keep Bronzoulis contained. They separate -- Bronzoulis lands a punch, Diesel immediately follows with his cage technique. Riggs is slowing down, bleeding from his left eye. He ate a huge kick right to the gut, that you could hear. He managed to score the take down with two minutes remaining in the round. Riggs is riding Bronzoulis in a bear hug, he suddenly went for a triangle choke, but Bronzoulis countered in ended up in top mount. He is too gassed at this point to manage anything offensive at this point.

(10-9) Riggs

Round Three: Round is plodding and slow, Riggs is in control on the canvas and is just holding on to Bronzoulis, keeping him close. This is successful when you are up two rounds to none. This one will be 30-27 in favor of Joe Riggs who definitely won the fight.

(10-9) Riggs

Final Result: Joe Riggs wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 3)


Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan

Round One: Richman coming in with leg kicks early, Akop retaliates with some stiff punches, he is getting inside quickly, then getting out of there. Richman is stalking, but Stepanyan is circling nicely off of Richman's right. Spinning back kick attempt from Stepanyan is blocked, three minutes left in round.

Mouse underneath the left eye of Stepanyan, this round is close guys. Richman definitely is the aggressor but Stepanyan counters effectively. Huge left and rights from Stepanyan miss. Richman lands a big combination, this wobbles Stepanyan for a second. He then GOES OFF WITH A CRAZY FLURRY ON RICHMAN, RICHMAN WEATHERS STORM, THEN DROPS STEPANYAN WITH A HUGE RIGHT. He follows with a double hammer fist for good measure.

Final Result: Mike Richman wins via TKO (punches) at 4:05 of first round


Bellator Preliminary Stream:

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