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UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 episode 11 results recap for 'Team Rousey vs. Team Tate' on FOX Sports 1

TUF 18 semifinals continue tonight with Sarah Moras taking on Julianna Pena!


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is back for episode 11 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18, led by bantamweight coaches and UFC 168 co-main event rivals Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate.

We get things started at TUF training center and since Julianna Pena and Sarah Moras are both on Team Tate, they find themselves in an awkward situation, as far as who gets the attention of the head coaches.

Moras says she is feeling out of the loop because Pena appears to be getting favored.

"Cheesecake" -- who actually holds a technical knockout win over "The Venezuelan Vixen" -- is crying her eyes out inside the sauna because of the way the team dynamic has unfolded. "Cupcake" and Co. approach her and tell her they will find a way to make it work.

Tate splits coaches and completely removes herself from the situation.

Josh Hill says nobody likes Pena at this stage of the game and it looks like Roxanne Modafferi is the only one who will give her a few minutes of attention. Anthony Gutierrez says Roxy is starting to dislike her too, and if that's the case, "you fail at life."

Interesting critique, considering the source.

Back inside the gym and we've now gone 15 minutes without seeing hide nor hair of Coach Rousey. I guess that happens when you don't have any fighters in this round of semifinals. That said, we get a lot of filler, plenty of long camera angles and Pena sweating inside the cage.

Is this season over yet?

Ricky Lundell is schooling the cadets on the finer points of ground work and he says, "at the end of the day, we're all going to be friends." Ha! Has he not watched seasons 1-17? Moras ends up getting too rough in practice and gives Modafferi a shiner.

Hey look, it's "Rowdy!"

She makes an impromptu visit to the TUF house -- bearing gifts -- and dresses everyone in T-shirts that have been "Rondafied," which means they get all ripped up and tattered to look like the threads Ronda sports on a regular basis. Moras hopes to sell it on Ebay and make herself some dough.

Good luck with that.

The next morning, Pena tries to extrapolate intel from Roxy, but nope, she won't give up the goods. Raquel Pennington is getting pissed off because Pena blow-drys her hair every morning and shakes her pill bottles. It's safe to say that tensions are running high.

Holy shit we just got a Dirty Dancing reference.

Pena is drilling with Roxy under the watchful eye of Bryan Caraway and the focus is on guillotines, in addition to takedown defense. Both fighters make weight without incident and Moras has what could be the weirdest hairdo ever seen at a weigh in. She's also getting picked to win by most of the house.

Let's see if they are right.

Semifinal elimination fight #2 -- Julianna Pena vs. Sarah Moras:

Round 1: Low kicks by Moras and Pena makes her pay with punches. Pena continues to press forward and is landing, so Moras clinches but gets taken down and has to work from guard. Pena postures up and ignores advice from Caraway to get out of the red zone. Pena plops back into guard and tries to muscle in some ground-and-pound with little success. Moras tries to create space and eats a pair of elbows. Pena pushes her into the fence and drops a big right hand to the face. Pena gets side control and Moras wall walks but goes nowhere. Round ends with Pena on top smothering. 10-9 Pena.

Round 2: Same as round one. Leg kicks by Moras get her punched in the face. This time it's Pena who clinches and once again slams her to the floor. She's in side control now and Moras briefly rolls out -- only to get dumped right back down again. Pena on top but not doing a whole lot. Moras with an armbar attempt but it's denied. Moras -- bleeding like a stuck pig -- rolls over and looks to escape and gets trapped in a guillotine. Game over.

Result: Pena def. Moras via submission (guillotine choke)

As a result, here's where we stand heading into episode 12:

Team Rousey:

Jessamyn Duke
Peggy Morgan
Jessica Rakoczy
David Grant
Mike Wootten
Shayna Baszler
Chris Beal
Anthony Gutierrez

Team Tate:

Roxanne Modafferi
Raquel Pennington
Julianna Pena
Sarah Moras
Louis Fisette
Josh Hill
Chris Holdsworth
Cody Bollinger

Semifinal bouts:

Chris Holdsworth def. Michael Wootten
Julianna Pena def. Sarah Moras
David Grant vs. Anthony Gutierrez
Raquel Pennington vs. Jessica Rakoczy

Be sure to stay tuned next week as David Grant takes on Anthony Gutierrez, the feud between coaches escalates in the coaches challenge (rock climbing) and OH SNAP an unexpected twist!

See you in seven!

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