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UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones would be 'honored' to 'kill' Richie Incognito

Perhaps suspended Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito needs to be toughened up a bit. And who better to do the deed than UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.


"I'd kill him. Someone tweet him, let him know I'd smoke him. Easy…. It would be my honor [to beat his ass]."

-- Richie Incognito sacked sports headlines in recent weeks with his alleged inappropriate behavior inside the Miami Dolphins locker room, serving as the scapegoat for a fraternity "culture" that seemingly went way out of bounds. Incognito is the centerpiece of a scandal that erupted when Jonathan Martin walked out on the team, claiming that he was the victim of constant harassment, threats and intimidation from his contemporaries. He has since blamed the unchecked culture of the Miami locker room, which was seemingly hell-bent on "toughening up" Martin, a second-round draft choice who has yet to live up to expectations. In fact, Martin was expected to replace All-Pro left tackle Jake Long this season after the road grater was lost to free agency. But, midway through the season, the team traded for veteran Bryant McKinnie, shifting Martin back to the right side. It was around this point -- and after mild cafeteria prank gone awry -- that Martin mentally broke and fled the scene. Sports media abruptly framed Incognito as a "bully" and a "racist" who was picking on the "soft" player affectionately dubbed "Big Weirdo," leaving voicemails that promised physical violence, while extorting thousands of dollars from him. "The Sports Junkies" at 106.7 on the radio dial in Washington, D.C., continued to fan the flames of that convoluted narrative earlier this morning, putting UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones on the spot and asking him what he would do to Incognito if he ever got his hands on him. Jones, who admitted he was unfamiliar with the story and didn't even know Incognito, promised to start threatening Incognito on Twitter and eventually beat his ass. Why? Only because he can ... along with most of the human population. And because his brother, New England Patriots Defensive End Chandler Jones, will be unable to put Incognito in his place now that he is no longer part of the AFC East. Until then, Jones will have to settle for punching Glover Teixeira in the face sometime in early 2014.

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