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Miesha Tate has an idea for women who want to celebrate 'Movember'

Muffvember? Gross.

Movember is here and I know that I'm growing a beard and mustache to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. But there are some people who just can't grow facial hair. There are some men who just can't grow a mustache or a beard. Or if they can, it comes in incredibly patchy and to you gentlemen, I say HA!


But women also want to support for those who are battling prostate cancer and unfortunately, there just hasn't been a way for them to show it other than wearing fake mustaches.

That is, until now.

Former Strikeforce women's Bantamweight champion Miesha Tate sent out a tweet last night about the Movember movement. She won't be wearing a fake mustache around Washington. Instead, she's celebrating the Muffvember movement.

I applaud Tate's passion and desire to show support for those that are battling prostate cancer but really? Muffvember? Ooof.

Poor Bryan Caraway.

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