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Lion Fight 12: "Malaipet vs. Pinca" LIVE results and play-by-play

Lion Fight Promotions returns to Las Vegas with Lion Fight 12: "Malaipet vs. Pinca" live on AXS Television.

Lion Fight Promotions returns to AXS Television tonight (Nov. 1, 2013) live from the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a seven fight card headlined by Malaipet and Fabio Pinca squaring off for the vacant Lion Fight Welterweight title belt.

Lion Fight has brought its brand of Muay Thai to Las Vegas and has not disappointed fans who want to tune in and watch the best that "the art of eight limbs" has to offer.

Tonight's event, Lion Fight 12, airs live on AXS Television at 10:00 p.m. ET and MMA Mania will be here providing live results and play by play for all of the action.

Quick Results:

Lion Fight Welterweight Title: Fabio Pinca def. Malaipet by Unanimous Decision
Tiffany Van Soest def. Magali Foroni by TKO (Corner Stoppage)
Jason Andrada def. Mohammed Lemjerdine by KO
Nick Chasteen def. Chris Culley by Unanimous Decision
Stephen Richards def. Glen Spencer Jr. by Unanimous Decision
Anthony Castrejon def. Miguel Rosales by KO

Anthony Castrejon vs. Miguel Rosales

Round 1: Jab cross connects for Rosales. Castrejon responds with a head kick that doesn't connect. Hard leg kick from Rosales. Rosales throws a head kick and it misses. Costrejon lands a head kick and that's it. Rosales is down and the referee waves off the fight. That was quick and brutal.

Official Result: Anthony Castrejon def. Miguel Rosales by knock out.

Glen Spencer Jr. vs. Stephen Richards

Round 1: Front kick from Richards. Jab from Spencer. Richards lands a jab and Spencer is pretty cautious though he backs Richards up with a stiff jab. Spencer clinches and they trade knees to the body. Nice dump from Spencer. Richards presses forward and has Spencer's back against the ropes. Richards does well to avoid Spencer's jab and he throws several of his own. Richards catches a kick and sweeps Spencer to the ground. Tentative first round for Spencer. 10-9 Richards

Round 2: Richards is doing well with his head movement. Spencer lands a really nice front kick and Richards responds with one himself. Richards clinches and lands several knees to the body before dumping Spencer on the ground. Nice elbows from the clinch for Richards. Those are some hard elbows. Spencer just hasn't gotten started yet. Nice combination from Richards as Spencer covers up. Richards is walking forward but looks too be breathing quite heavily. The round closes with a combination from Richards. 10-9 Richards

Round 3: Jumping knee from Spencer leads to a clinch situation where Richards is far stronger. Richards lands several knees to the body before dumping Spencer to the canvas again. Front kick from Spencer lands to the body. Another dump from Richards. Spencer just isn't throwing enough to make this competitive. Hard kick to the body from Richards lands. And again. Spencer just isn't throwing with any power or intent. Nice uppercuts through the guard of Spencer land for Richards. The round ends with Richards on the offensive. 10-9 Richards

Round 4: Richards is just teeing off on Spencer right now. He's landed several unanswered punches and kicks as Spencer retreats. Nice liver shot lands for Richards. They clinch in the corner and Spencer is dumped to the canvas again. Spencer just has nothing for Richards. He's looking to survive the last four minutes of the fight. Elbows land through Spencer's defense. More clinch work and Richards is just a monster. Sign of life from Spencer as he ends the fourth round with a flurry. 10-9 Richards

Round 5: Spencer stuns Richards with a right hand but he's unable to follow up. Richards presses forward and lands punches to the body and face. Only problem is his hands are at his waist, leaving his chin open. Spencer is exhausted and Richards lands a hard kick to the thigh. Crossing elbow lands for Richards and again. And again. Spencer just wants this fight to be over with. This has been a beating and just not the kind of performance that gets you a call back. One final dump from Richards to close the bout. 10-9 Richards

Official Result: Stephen Richards def. Glen Spencer Jr. by Unanimous decision. All three judges scored the bout 50-45.

Nick Chasteen vs. Chris Culley

Round 1: High right round kick from Chasteen lands to Culley's elbow. Quick outside leg kick connects for Culley. Chasteen puts full power into his leg kick. Side kick from Culley. Chasteen is loading up and throwing everything with full power. Chasteen is making Culley think by throwing feints. Culley lands a spinning back fist. Culley pushes forward but nothing connects with power. Solid first round. Got it 10-9 Chasteen.

Round 2: Culley hits a dump and Chasteen is on the canvas. They are trading step in kicks which is insane. Culley has definitely been on the wrong end of those exchanges. Chasteen comes up short on his high round kick. Culley charges forward and lands to the body. Chasteen responds with a body kick. And another kick. Back elbow lands for Culley. Chasteen lands another kick to back leg. And they exchange again as Culley charges forward and lands to the body. Great round for Culley. 10-9 Culley

Round 3: Culley is waiting for Chasteen to throw so he can counter. Chasteen pushes Culley back as he charges forward with a left hook and then leg kick. Culley is really doing well to avoid taking a lot of damage whenever Chasteen comes forward. Step across leg kick lands for Chasteen and Culley finally checks a kick. Chasteen needs to target that back leg. Head kick from Chasteen and Culley's leg is swollen. That's messy. Chasteen lands to close the round. 10-9 Chasteen

Round 4: Culley lands a right hand to open the round. Chasteen throws a high kick and then follows up with a kick to the rear leg. And another kick to the leg. Culley lands a spinning back fist. Glancing right hand drops Culley but the referee doesn't call it a knock down. Left hand connects with Culley again. Chasteen is really trying to finish this fight by leg kicks. Culley lands a back elbow and that's the round. 10-9 Chasteen.

Round 5: Leg kick from Chasteen lands again. Culley with a back elbow. A kick lands to the groin and Culley is taking a break to recover. High right round from Chasteen lands to the forearm. Another back elbow from Culley. Outside leg kick from Chasten is ruining Culley's legs. Culley rushes forward but can't connect. Leg kicks from Chasteen land and Culley is somehow able to press on. More spinning techniques from Culley. Accidental groin shot Culley tries a side kick. That's two this round. Round kick lands to the chin for Culley and Chasteen is still in it. This is Culley's chance. But he can't and that's all she wrote. 10-9 for Culley. Got it 48-47 for Chasteen.

Official Result: Nick Chasteen def. Chris Culley by Unanimous Decision. The scores were 49-46, 50-45, and 49-46.

Jason Andrada vs. Mohammed Lemjerdine

Round 1: Andrada drops Lemjerdine almost immediately. Lemjerdine is back to his feet and looking to land. Andrada lands a nice outside leg kick. And another. Lemjerdine having difficulty finding Andrada. Really good first round for Andrada. Lemjerdine lands a really nice right hook. And another. They clinch and trade knees to the body. Andrada is swept off his feet by Lemjerdine. Nice way to come back for Lemjerdine. 10-9 Andrada

Round 2: Andrada opens the round with a kick to the body. Lemjerdine responds with two punches to the face. Nice counter hook from Lemjerdine lands to the chin. Lemjerdine catches Andrada with an elbow as he comes in with a knee. Lemjerdine has no respect for Andrada because Andrada isn't doing anything but move straight forward. Overhand elbow from Lemjerdine has Andrada in the corner. Hard round and that's all Lemjerdine 10-9.

Round 3: Andrada quickly sweeps Lemjerdine to teh ground. Overhand right has Lemjerdine on rubber legs and Andrada is pushing the pace to get a stoppage. Big knee to the chin lands for Andrada. Hard right hook lands for Lemjerdine. Andrada lands an overhand right and Lemjerdine is hurt. This round is all Andrada. He's landing punches to the head and kicks to the body. Props to Lemjerdine for sticking it out and still fighting. Hard kick to the ribs lands for Andrada to close the round. 10-9 Andrada

Round 4: They trade punches to open the round. Lemjerdine looks to be totally recovered and they clinch. Andrada is landing knees to the body while Lemjerdine is trying to free up his arm to land an elbow. Lemjerdine's lead leg is a mess. He only had a three week camp so he could be on his way out. More clinch work and they trade knees to the body. Lemjerdine throws a kick that is caught and then leads to a sweep. Lemjerdine comes alive to close the round but in my book it's not enough. 10-9 Andrada

Round 5: Lemjerdine clinches up and he's landing knees to the body. The referee breaks the action and he continues to push forward with punches. They clinch again and Lemjerdine is again landing knees. This is his round. Andrada is against the ropes. When Lemjerdine steps in, he is dropped by an elbow to the chin and that's it. Insane timing by Andrada on that technique. What an awesome way to end a great fight.

Official Result: Jason Andrada def. Mohammed Lemjerdine by KO.

Tiffany Van Soest vs. Magali Foroni

Round 1: Outside leg kick from Van Soest. Foroni looking very slow. Another leg kick from Van Soest. And another. Van Soest lands a really nice right hand that has Foroni fighting in the corner. Elbow to the jaw hurts Foroni. Spinning back elbow from Van Soest. Foroni just isn't throwing anything with any power. Poor girl. Van Soest throws a six punch and kick combination. And another combination. Foroni retreats to her corner. More elbows from Van Soest. She's just beasting right now. 10-9 Van Soest.

Round 2: Van Soest connects with a right hand to open the second. And a punch to the tummy. And more tummy work. They clinch and Foroni lands a knee to the body. Van Soest is bullying in the clinch and landing elbows to the head. More right hands from Van Soest. This is just going to be a long night for Foroni if she can't figure out how to fight back. Another right hand from Van Soest. Foroni is exhausted. Van Soest is showboating as she throws a brilliant combination. Overhand right backs Foroni up and then elbows to the jaw. 10-9 Van Soest.

Round 3: Aggressive start for Van Soest to open the third. She's just landing whatever she wants. Foroni really has no business being in the ring right now. Three leg kicks from Van Soest and Foroni's leg is now red. And for some reason Foroni is wearing makeup in the ring. What the hell? Front kick to the face lands for Van Soest. Knees to the body for Van Soest and Foroni's corner throws in the towel. Good for them. Cause she's not good.

Official Result: Tiffany Van Soest def. Magali Foroni by TKO (Corner threw in the towel)

Malaipet vs. Fabio Pinca

Round 1: Left hook lands for Malaipet. Hard leg kick from Malaipet. Cartwheel kick from Malaipet. Pinca is really taking his time. Hasn't done much in this first round. Malaipet is taunting and then they clinch against the ropes. Malaipet lands a hard elbow to the jaw. Pinca with a round kick to the ribs. Sweep from Malaipet. Pinca needs to start opening up because he's giving away this round. Pinca throws a kick and Malaipet lands a left hand. 10-9 Malaipet.

Round 2: Pinca with an outside leg kick. Malaipet with a jab. Front kick by Pinca. Body kick and straight by Malaipet. Malaipet charges forward and clinches. Pinca lands a knee and the referee breaks them. Catch and sweep from Malaipet. Pinca is frustrated and wants Malaipet to engage more. A lot of showmanship by both fighters. Pinca checks a low kick and then they clinch and trade knees. Pinca needs to do more because when he presses the action, he's landing. Malaipet is having a hard time with Pinca in the clinch. Knees landing for Pinca. 10-9 Pinca

Round 3: Rib kick connects for Malaipet. Malaipet tries to throw and Pinca reverses it. Malaipet drops Pinca with a right hand but it's not ruled a knockdown. They trade and Pinca is pushing the pace. Hard right hand from Malaipet. Malaipet has his back against the ropes and Pinca is landing knees tot eh ribs. Pinca is taunting and Malaipet lands a teep. Clinch and neither fighter can hit a dump. Malaipet catches a kick and sends Pinca to the canvas. Round ends with knees from Pinca. 10-9 Malaipet.

Round 4: Pinca is turning it up in the fourth. They clinch and the referee breaks them. Malaipet needs to get aggressive. Pinca is getting angry that Malaipet is walking backwards. More clinching. Front kick from Pinca. Malaipet isn't able to keep up with Pinca's pace. Left hands land for both. Pinca landing knees in the clinch and then hits a throw. Combos landing for Pinca and Malaipet is hurt. This could be it. He needs to turn it on. Malaipet is saying he was kneed in the groin. He's taking time to recover. He also just needs a breather. This is really all Pinca. Malaipet has nothing for him. 10-9 Pinca.

Round 5: Malaipet with a catch and sweep to pen the final round. Jab from Malaipet. Pinca is very spring in the clinch. Pinca motions for Malaipet to fight in the center of the ring. Beautifully timed left hand for Pinca. Pinca is just teeing off on Malaipet. Pinca is cut over his left eye. Malaipet has a hold of Pinca's leg and Pinca lands a jab/cross. Pinca really wants a fight and Malaipet continues to back off. Spinning back elbow from Pinca and uppercut elbow from Pinca. 10-9 Pinca.

Official Result: Fabio Pinca def. Malaipet by Unanimous Decision. All three judges scored the bout 48-47.

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