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Demian Maia vs. Jake Shields fight results UFC Fight Night 29, Round 4

The main event of tonight's (Wed., Oct. 9, 2013) UFC Fight Night 29: "Maia vs. Shields" event from Sao Paulo, Brazil, featured Demian Maia looking to continue his impressive run in the welterweight division against the always game Jake Shields. A victory, if impressive enough, could possibly earn the Brazilian a shot at the 170-pound championship. That's motivation enough to put on a show.

Shields opened the fourth round the same way he opened the last two: he used his striking to set up a takedown attempt. He was unsuccessful on his first shot, leading to a clinch and a battle against the fence.

It stayed there for a couple minutes before the referee finally stepped in and made them reset back in the center of the cage. It didn't take long after the restart for Shields to grab a single leg, though the takedown was stuffed. He shot another after a break but failed on this one too, electing to pull guard immediately after.

That meant Maia would get the chance to work from on top with nearly two minutes remaining in the round.

He struggled to make anything happen and, shockingly enough, the referee stood the two up. It seemed odd, considering how much more time Shields was given in a similar position, but that's what happened.

Nothing going on the restart. Total shit headed to the final frame.

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