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Demian Maia vs. Jake Shields fight results UFC Fight Night 29, Round 3

The main event of tonight's (Wed., Oct. 9, 2013) UFC Fight Night 29: "Maia vs. Shields" event from Sao Paulo, Brazil, featured Demian Maia looking to continue his impressive run in the welterweight division against the always game Jake Shields. A victory, if impressive enough, could possibly earn the Brazilian a shot at the 170-pound championship. That's motivation enough to put on a show.

Even knowing we weren't watching Mike Tyson in his prime, the standing exchanges to kick off round three were particularly ugly. Mouths were wide open and punches were wild and winging all around.

Naturally, Shields attempted to wrestle to get back to top control on the floor but Maia defended well and actually pushed the American against the cage with a flurry of punches. He followed that up with a takedown into back control. But just as he was about to sink the hooks in, Shields turned over on him and found himself back on top.

Oh boy.

There isn't much to say beyond that. Shields got on top and minutes later the round ended.

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