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Pic: Michael Bisping posts photo of eye recovery following detached retina

Don't move that training camp to the Island of Colossa just yet, as "The Count" is on the mend and could be good to go by 2014.

He may no longer be in the hunt for the 185-pound title, but "devastated" mixed martial arts (MMA) middleweight Michael Bisping isn't calling it a career just yet.

The former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) champ is not the first division contender to be sidelined by a detached retina (see Belcher, Alan) and due to the unfortunate risks associated with combat sports, he probably won't be the last. Still, that doesn't mean "The Count" has to slink behind the curtain and grieve all by his lonesome.

Not when he has 15,814 Instagram followers (like me) who love to stare at him.

Bisping hasn't let us down, either, recently showing off his Steve Johnson eyepatch while he recovers from recent surgery (details). The Brit's ocular mishap cost him a main event slot opposite Mark Munoz at the upcoming UFC Fight Night 30 event in his backyard of Manchester, England.

As a result, Lyoto Machida turned over his "Troops" ticket to Rafael Natal for a shot at "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" later this month on FOX Sports 2 (read all about it). Following that fight card switcheroo, Bisping posted a photo of his mangled mug on the mend (via Instagram).


What started as a "minor procedure" ended as a major one.

"The Count" will be sidelined until some point in 2014 and where he ends up in the 185-pound rankings (see his current position here) remains to be seen. While he's still a couple of wins away from the title, he does have one person willing to fight him.

And Bisping may no longer be in a position to turn him down.

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