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Conor McGregor hangs out at the strip club with NFL Hall of Famer Willie Roaf

Conor McGregor is enjoying his rehabilitation as he's been partying in Las Vegas with NFL Hall of Famer Willie Roaf.

Conor McGregor, Twitter

Conor McGregor sure is enjoying his time away from the Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) Octagon.

The featherweight standout ignored the classic strip club rule of "NO TOUCHING!" when he and 'Nasty' Willie Roaf partied in Las Vegas. He also apparently doesn't know that in strip clubs, you aren't allowed to take photos of the "talent." But sometimes, breaking rules means capturing some incredible moments.

McGregor is currently sidelined with a knee injury sustained in his win over Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston, Massachusetts this past August. McGregor dominated Holloway from pillar to post but blew out his knee when passing to side control.

His knee surgery was successful and he hopes to be healthy by the time the UFC returns to Dublin next year. With how his star has grown, he would likely be one of the major draws for the event. And he better return soon, those fancy suits don't pay for themselves.

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